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Alibaba Cloud is leading the industry followed by AWS, Azure, and Google in Indonesia

13:17:00 | 14 Aug 2019
Alibaba Cloud is leading the industry followed by AWS, Azure, and Google in Indonesia
General Country Manager of Indonesia, Alibaba Cloud Leon Chen.(ist)
JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - The cloud service market in Indonesia is indeed quite tempting. 

Frost & Sullivan's research firm said that the Cloud market in Indonesia is worth around US$172 million (IDR2.4 trillion) in 2016 and will increase to US$1.2 billion (IDR16 trillion) in 2020.

At present, there are at least 4 players who are competing over the business which this year is estimated to be worth Rp5.6 trillion, namely Alibaba, Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

But if examined more deeply Alibaba is a player who understands the Indonesian market quite well.

This is proven with the establishment of two Alibaba Cloud data centers in Indonesia. The construction of these two data centers is intended to enable Alibaba to get closer to SMEs in Indonesia so that they can respond to their business needs quickly. In Indonesia, there are at least 60 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that need cloud services.

Datacenter placement in the country proves Alibaba’s understandingtowards Indonesian marketand the importance of data security. Not only one data center, but two data centers have been deployed in Indonesia. 

It is undeniable that local data centers generate low latency for data transfers and offer fast and secure data storage and access that is 100 percent compliant with local Indonesian standards. They have complied with the data center rules contained in PP No. 82 of 2012. Although these rules were finally amended by the Indonesian government.

“Most importantly, for the operations in Indonesia, Alibaba is not alone. Alibaba Cloud incorporates the strong local ecosystem with various partners to deploy their cloud services. The company has blossomed into a business enabler that delivers reliable local infrastructure, data centers, and managed IT services in Indonesia. As they look toward the future, they have integrated Alibaba Cloud services and products that give Indonesia a competitive advantage and allow them other online services to drive the growth.” said Leon Chen, General Country Manager of Indonesia, Alibaba Cloud.

Since its appearance, Alibaba Cloud has cooperated with a lot of large and small companies in Indonesia. Some of them are MNC Group, Ruangguru, and Adira Finance.

MNC Group is one of the largest media producers in Indonesia that has carried out a digital transformation process, specifically with the platform. Alibaba Cloud's local data centers help them improve users ’viewing experiences through increased efficiency, low latency, and lower costs in digital content delivery. This allows Indonesian viewers to enjoy digital content seamlessly, even when they're on the go.

RuangGuru, a game-changing online education platform, gives 15 million elementary school students access to educational courses through over 300,000 teachers in Indonesia. 

To adapt to the increasing scale of their user base, they use Alibaba Cloud’s local data centers to improve network connectivity to their platforms. Having the fact that Alibaba Cloud’s strong ecosystem and supporting Infrastructure, RuangGuru highly potential become a unicorn is expanding its wings to other countries.

Adira Finance is a leading financial firm that has access to new and used automotive products. To become a one-stop solution for potential automotive owners, Adira’s business development and scalability are supported by Alibaba Cloud's cloud-hybrid model to securely, effectively and efficiently hosts data that runs its mobile apps. This helps potential automotive owners in Indonesia readily keep track of their loans, which allows them to eventually own the automotive.

Alibaba cloud also stated that the company is ready to boost Indonesian businesses with the latest products and features that were launched at MWC 2019, including data analytics, enterprise databases, global networking, high-performance storage, and serverless computing.

Not only working on the Indonesian and SME market, Alibaba is also committed to making a positive contribution to HR development in Indonesia by holding the Alibaba Cloud Internet Champion Global Accelerator Program. This program will provide certification for 300 cloud computing experts in Indonesia until the end of this year. Also, they will provide training on technology-based businesses to around 200 students and professionals in Indonesia, in the first quarter of this year.(es)

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