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Huawei Cloud Indonesia and AFPI Jointly Hosted FinTech Summit 2023 in Jakarta

07:06:02 | 01 Jun 2023
Huawei Cloud Indonesia and AFPI Jointly Hosted FinTech Summit 2023 in Jakarta
JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - Huawei Cloud and the Indonesian Joint Funding Fintech Association, or Asosiasi Fintech Pendanaan Bersama Indonesia (AFPI), jointly hosted the Huawei Cloud Indonesia FinTech Summit themed "Unlocking New Growth in FinTech with Huawei Cloud". More than 80 representatives from Indonesian FinTech companies, partners, regulators, and banks attended the summit to discuss ways to advance digital financial inclusion in Indonesia.

At the summit, Huawei Cloud, the Indonesia's Financial Services Authority or Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), and dozens of companies jointly announced the Indonesia Digital Finance Innovation Program, and its mission to jointly explore and incubate new digital finance solutions and services, strengthen cooperation with FinTech companies, support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), and build a robust digital finance ecosystem in Indonesia.

James Zhang, CEO of Huawei Cloud Indonesia, gave a speech and pointed out that “Huawei Cloud aims to be the leader of the new cloud generation. Building a solid cloud foundation is a key initiative to achieve our vision. We intend to become a powerful contributor to Indonesia’s digital transformation through our local datacenter, local services, and local ecosystem.”

Bambang W. Budiawan, Deputy Commissioner for Supervision of Financing Institutions and Other Financial Services Institutions, said: "OJK aims to achieve a 90% financial inclusion index in Indonesia, and building a digital financial inclusion ecosystem is the most effective way to do that. We are pleased to see leading technology companies like Huawei participating in digital finance innovation in Indonesia."

“A crucial element of a financial institution’s mitigation of risk from a cloud provider is a comprehensive risk management and oversight program. The robustness of the cloud provider’s risk management and oversight program includes due diligence and monitoring, evaluation of performance metrics, security, risk controls, and disaster recovery plans,” he added.

Mr. Satwika Daksawardhana, Vice President of BNC, Indonesia's largest digital bank, said: "The strategy of BNC is to work with diverse partners to serve diverse customers. But this strategy might risk security, which in turn slows down iteration and leads to inflexible technology architecture. Fortunately, BNC has a reliable partner, Huawei Cloud, who makes sure that everything happens smoothly."

James Huang, Huawei Cloud's Global Fintech Solution Sales Director, gave a speech at the summit. He said, "Huawei Cloud has many years of experience serving customers from the financial sector all over the world. With data centers in most parts of the world, Huawei Cloud offers full-stack cloud services and high-quality cooperation platforms, making it an ideal choice for financial service providers looking for a cloud partner that they can trust." Insisting on driving digital growth with Everything-as-a- Service, Huawei Cloud offers FinTech companies compute, storage, and network resources from one global network, plus more advanced services featuring big data- AI convergence. On top of these, it offers digital finance solutions in the following categories:

1. Agile innovation: Huawei Cloud's cloud-native container technology helps FinTech companies confidently handle large volumes of transactions at high concurrency.

2. Smart risk control: The convergence of big data and AI technologies enables smarter risk control for small loans to reduce bad debts.

3. Intelligent operations: Huawei Cloud offers intelligent operations solutions, such as intelligent call center, to help FinTech companies improve customer acquisition and retention.

4. Security and compliance: Huawei Cloud has over 100 certifications for security and compliance, which can help customers in FinTech meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Huawei Cloud's geo-redundant disaster recovery (DR) solution offers a high level of security for customer data on the cloud.

With leading products and 24/7 support from professional service teams, Huawei Cloud offers FinTech companies a most smooth and productive cloud journey in Indonesia, for Indonesia.

By offering a cutting-edge cloud foundation and a full range of digital finance solutions, Huawei Cloud is committed to working with Indonesia's FinTech companies and regulatory bodies to advance digital financial inclusion in Indonesia, and inject new energy into Indonesia's digital economy. (mas)

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