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Olympus Announces Asia Pacific Innovation Program

18:46:35 | 06 Dec 2022
Olympus Announces Asia Pacific Innovation Program
JAKARTA (IndoTelko) -- Olympus Corporation (Olympus), a global medtech company committed to making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling, has partnered with MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific, the industry's largest healthcare accelerator, to present the inaugural Olympus Asia Pacific Innovation Program (OAIP), with the winning innovator to be named at the APACMed MedTech Forum 2023.

Olympus is inviting visionary startups to contribute to this revolution by participating in the OAIP and submitting their technologies that play a meaningful role in the advancement of minimally invasive care and new ways to detect, monitor, and treat conditions and diseases. Shortlisted startups will be invited to pitch across various in-person and virtual pitch events in front of Olympus executives and leaders over two phases from May 2023 to September 2023, with the winning innovator receiving grant funding of $75,000 as well as an exclusive mentorship program with key thought leaders from within Olympus.

Felicia Chung, Olympus Business Development Leader for the Asia Pacific said "I am pleased to announce Olympus' first-ever Innovation Program that seeks to identify and collaborate with innovators in the very exciting medtech space. APAC is a hotbed of innovative and bold ideas, especially in the space of digital solutions, and we are excited to uncover promising technologies that positively impact human health and create tangible value for providers and patients. We look forward to kick-starting this program and to playing a meaningful role in the advancement of minimally invasive care by identifying new ways to detect, monitor, and treat conditions and diseases."

Marc Radatt, CEO for Olympus Corporation of Asia Pacific Limited and board member of the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed), said "Olympus is proud to have partnered with MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific in pursuit of new ideas that will revolutionize patient outcomes and increase access to new technologies through the OAIP. Initiatives like these promote industry wide collaboration, and access to valuable funding and mentorships that result in meaningful change and facilitate greater medtech thought leadership across our region."

To apply for the OAIP, please visit:

Participation Criteria

Visionaries are invited to submit solutions that play a meaningful role in the advancement of minimally invasive care and new ways to detect, monitor, and treat conditions and diseases. Of particular interest are technologies focused on cancers and diseases of the stomach, colon, and lungs, and within the urology specialty. Examples may include:

    Smart endoscopy, enabling early detection and advanced endoluminal therapy/treatment
    Robotics, sensing, monitoring, and navigation technology for future autonomy in minimally invasive diagnosis/surgery/treatment
    Transformation of the patient care pathway from pre-surgery planning through post-surgical care, supported by, for example:
    AI for clinical efficiency & predictive analysis
    3D/4D image reconstruction for surgical procedures
    Novel device/procedural solutions that may replace current procedures or offer an alternative to drug treatments
    Innovations that enable non- or less-invasive diagnosis, surgery, and treatment
    Ethical AI / digitally enabled technologies
    Next-generation automated documentation
    Smart gastro clinics and remote patient monitoring related to gut health
Olympus believes that the emergence of new technologies, particularly those within the digital realm, will revolutionize the patient care paradigm. Patient outcomes will be improved by optimizing the care pathway for individual patients based on their unique needs. Through the OAIP, Olympus aims to identify the next revolutionary solution that will help to elevate the standard of care for patients globally, in line with Olympus' purpose of making people's lives safer, healthier and more fulfilling.

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