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Telkom Marketing 2
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Irdeto and VOXX Automotive work on the security market for cars
English Ver. - 09:10:31 | 01 Nov 2019

Irdeto and VOXX Automotive have a simple and secure solution for car
InstaReM rebrands to Nium
English Ver. - 09:19:14 | 31 Okt 2019

Nium's ambition is to create a world of Open Money
Hitachi and Frasers Property want to drive digital transformation in Asia Pacific
English Ver. - 06:15:28 | 17 Okt 2019

Hitachi and Frasers invest up to S$50 million each to collaborate and drive digital transformation in Asia Pacific
Bostik is on a drive to penetrate the Asian market
English Ver. - 05:52:05 | 15 Okt 2019

Bostik renowned for its expertise as a specialist in adhesives
Princeton Digital Group strengthening leadership in Asia Pacific
English Ver. - 10:07:49 | 04 Okt 2019

PDG strengthening of its senior leadership team with the appointment of four senior executives
Ooredoo showcases the power of 5G with ZTE
English Ver. - 13:33:57 | 27 Sep 2019

The live speed test at the event reached up to 1.75 Gbps
Q1-2020, Indonesia to get its first green data center campus
English Ver. - 07:58:58 | 18 Sep 2019

Jakarta will have its first green data center campus
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Tech Data and NetApp launch cloud center in Singapore
English Ver. - 11:31:00 | 12 Sep 2019

Hybrid multi-cloud is fast growing as a prominent IT architecture
Irdeto names Dario Choi Head of Sales, North & South East Asia
English Ver. - 10:35:56 | 06 Sep 2019

Dario Choi has been appointed to the role of Head of Sales, North & South East Asia
Satellite technology supports sustainable fishing in Indonesia
English Ver. - 10:01:05 | 04 Sep 2019

The International Partnership Programme (IPP) is a 30 million euro a year programme
Princeton Digital expand assets in China and Singapore
English Ver. - 10:24:00 | 03 Sep 2019

Princeton Digital acquired assets and land for data center development in China and Singapore
DKSH partnered with SOMA to grow business in Asia
English Ver. - 07:51:08 | 31 Aug 2019

DKSH Business Unit Technology seeking to grow their business in Asia
Fujitsu develops AI disaster mitigation technology
English Ver. - 09:48:57 | 17 Aug 2019

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories have developed a new technology that accurately predicts water levels even for rivers with limited measurement data
N-Squared eCommerce will expands to Vietnam and Indonesia
English Ver. - 11:17:00 | 16 Aug 2019

The eCommerce market in ASEAN still has a significant opportunity for growth
Alibaba Cloud is leading the industry followed by AWS, Azure, and Google in Indonesia
English Ver. - 13:17:00 | 14 Aug 2019

The Cloud market in Indonesia is worth around US$172 million and potential to increase
Consumers in Asia Pacific prefer digital channels to interact with financial services providers
English Ver. - 06:03:26 | 08 Aug 2019

Consumers today prefer to interact with their financial services providers on digital channels
Arianespace will provide rideshare flight for Small Satellite
English Ver. - 05:18:32 | 07 Aug 2019

Arianespace to introduce an innovative service providing fast-track access to Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit
Pure Storage strengthen business in Asia
English Ver. - 11:02:09 | 12 Jul 2019

PT Exclusive Networks distributed Pure Storage solution in Indonesia
Smart electricity meters will surpass 1 billion in Asian market
English Ver. - 12:12:00 | 27 Jun 2019

Smart meter penetration in Asian market is promising
NEC and Samsung enhance global sales for 5G solutions
English Ver. - 09:35:46 | 26 Jun 2019

NEC and Samsung will jointly establish a global sales system to strengthen their activities for proposing 5G

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