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Kodifly has raised US$750.000 from Laidlaw Scholars Ventures
English Ver. - 06:31:06 | 10 Jul 2024

This funding will support Kodifly's productization of its solutions
Xurya receiving an additional US$55 million investment
English Ver. - 06:46:00 | 06 Jul 2024

Xurya has created more than 170 solar projects across Indonesia
Southeast Asia has a technical potential of 17 terawatts of solar energy
English Ver. - 06:27:20 | 05 Jun 2024

Solar energy remains notably underutilized
Accacia offer AI and SaaS to revolutionize global real estate decarbonization
English Ver. - 04:00:00 | 19 May 2024

The real estate sector is observably shifting toward sustainability
Nutanix Study Finds Public Sector IT Investment Focused on AI
English Ver. - 05:21:00 | 03 May 2024

Primary drivers for IT infrastructure investments in the next year include ransomware prevention
Accacia raises fund US$6.5 million
English Ver. - 08:41:00 | 29 Apr 2024

A funding round led by Illuminate Financial
KOLTIVA launches EUDR solutions
English Ver. - 06:41:23 | 19 Apr 2024

KOLTIVA has launched its groundbreaking EUDR Solutions.
Three things are driving the need for IT infrastructure modernization in healthcare
English Ver. - 06:36:00 | 19 Apr 2024

Healthcare organizations handle large amounts of personal health information
PasarPolis anticipates a 50% CAGR over the next four years
English Ver. - 06:14:00 | 31 Mar 2024

PasarPolis has successfully expanded its operations beyond Indonesia
ICONNET has reached more than 1 million subscribers
English Ver. - 08:22:00 | 11 Mar 2024

Icon Plus was honoured as the recipient of the Broadband Telecom Company of the Year
Collaborating with Microsoft, Telkomsel expands AI collaboration
English Ver. - 06:03:00 | 09 Mar 2024

Generative AI opens various creative opportunities to produce new services
Tower Bersama Infrastructure bags fast-track deployment of the year - Indonesia at Asian Telecom Awards
English Ver. - 05:35:00 | 08 Mar 2024

To ensure that this target is met, the company employed several strategies and methods
Telkomsel and Huawei collaborate in Home Broadband and 5G Innovation
English Ver. - 07:54:00 | 01 Mar 2024

Telkomsel seeks to encourage digital transformation and adopt the latest technology
The collaboration Telkomsel and Google Cloud is integrated with enterprise Gen AI
English Ver. - 06:19:08 | 01 Mar 2024

The signing of the agreement was witnessed by the Minister of Communication and Information, Budi Arie Setiadi
Startup fundraising in Southeast Asia halved in 2023
English Ver. - 03:00:00 | 29 Jan 2024

Sustainable sectors, including green tech, electric vehicles, climate tech, and health tech are gaining increased attractiveness
AC Ventures Raises US$210M to back businesses in Indonesia and SEA
English Ver. - 14:10:00 | 23 Jan 2024

Indonesia stands out as a vibrant investment hub
SWC Global leads US$5.41 million series A for RADC
English Ver. - 02:00:00 | 18 Dec 2023

Rosé All Day Cosmetics has successfully closed a series A funding round
Shinhan EZ General Insurance makes its strategic entry into the Indonesian market
English Ver. - 03:15:00 | 06 Nov 2023

Shinhan EZ General Insurance's venture into the Indonesian market is underpinned by its expertise in microinsurance product
Funding Societies raises US$7.5 million from Norfund
English Ver. - 03:00:00 | 06 Nov 2023

Modalku announced that it has raised US$7.5 million in debt from Norfund
Giga City, a Runway to Accelerate the Smart City Development
English Ver. - 05:18:00 | 03 Okt 2023

Giga City serves as a pivotal bridge that every city aspiring to evolve into a smart city must traverse.

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