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Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
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edotco Group, protecting endangered birds nesting on its towers
English Ver. - 08:30:00 | 15 Sep 2022

The Bird Watch Pledge, which was signed with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) at the launch event of edotco’s Sustainability Blueprint.
Next-Level Marketing In The Endemic Phase
English Ver. - 08:30:00 | 31 Aug 2022


Consumption across online platforms is now ingrained as the way of life in Southeast Asia.
BOOM Esports secures sponsorship from AMD
English Ver. - 11:23:13 | 04 Aug 2022

In line with AMD’s efforts to push esports forward and support the evolving scene of competitive gaming.
Singtel to invest US$100 miliion to its corporate venture arm
English Ver. - 08:22:01 | 03 Aug 2022

Innov8 invests in start-ups that align with Singtel Group businesses areas.
Sustainability one of the key considerations when selecting a datacenter provider
English Ver. - 09:40:15 | 31 Jul 2022

Sustainability is becoming an important issue for data center
Tokopedia Celebrating National Children Day 2022
English Ver. - 08:20:15 | 24 Jul 2022

This trend was driven by various initiatives, including Tokopedia Parents
AnyMind Group raises ¥4 billion in Series D funding
English Ver. - 07:21:05 | 20 Jul 2022

Total funding to date approximating US$91.7 million.
Tokopedia Play Helps Local Businesses Create Opportunities
English Ver. - 07:20:00 | 20 Jul 2022

The most watched live shopping shows via Tokopedia Play include Ramadan Ekstra, Cantik Fest TV Show, and Discountvaganza.
Tokopedia reveals online shopping trends in Indonesia, Q2 2022
English Ver. - 09:00:25 | 09 Jul 2022

This data reveals by Tokopedia Head of External Communications Ekhel Chandra Wijaya based on internal survey.
Pina raises US$3 million in seed funding
English Ver. - 14:44:30 | 06 Jul 2022

PINA.ID has completed its US$3 million Seed Funding
Ginee partners with Zalora to boost merchants traffic
English Ver. - 10:36:49 | 29 Jun 2022

Ginee supports over 130,000 businesses and sellers
Inaya, convenience of worship apps for Indonesian muslims
English Ver. - 06:30:00 | 28 Jun 2022

Inaya presents a convenient mobile application to support the daily worship needs of Muslims in Indonesia.
UOB Indonesia launched U-Energy
English Ver. - 12:01:00 | 27 Jun 2022

U-Energy, the first integrated financing platform in Asia
Choco Up launches Choco Payment powered by Stripe
English Ver. - 10:30:00 | 17 Jun 2022

Embedded with Choco Up's flagship underwriting capabilities and powered by global financial infrastructure platform Stripe.
Isar Aerospace and EXOTRAIL partner on cloud-based space
English Ver. - 07:00:00 | 09 Jun 2022

Exotrail’s software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution dedicated to space mission simulation and analysis.
Empowering Asia Pacific to get ahead in the digital economy
English Ver. - 06:45:00 | 08 Jun 2022

However, that forecast can only become a reality if businesses in the region reinvent themselves for the digital-first economy.
Geospatial community meetup at Geo Connect Asia
English Ver. - 08:47:00 | 07 Jun 2022

Gathering of close to 2,000 geospatial professionals from a record 36 countries.
After 2 years hiatus, satellite industry leaders gathers in Singapore
English Ver. - 07:50:00 | 07 Jun 2022

Bringing together over 120 delegates from around the world and some of the satellite industry's most foremost leaders.
Gupshup acquires OneDirect
English Ver. - 10:18:19 | 03 Jun 2022

Gupshup announced the acquisition of OneDirect
Astro raises US$60 million in series B
English Ver. - 08:35:37 | 02 Jun 2022

Astro has raised US$60 million in Series B

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