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Huawei Cloud E3 Model, pressing the Media industry growth acceleration key

09:41:00 | 26 Apr 2023
Huawei Cloud E3 Model, pressing the Media industry growth acceleration key
JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - HUAWEI CLOUD joined hands with the Indonesia Cyber Media Association (AMSI), one of the largest with one of the largest Indonesian publishers associations, to hold the Huawei Cloud Media & Entertainment CXO Summit. High-level representatives of AMSI’s Tier-1 mainstream media members attended the event which is also part of the implementation of the 2022 MoU between Huawei and AMSI on technology enhancement for Indonesian cyber media. At the event, HUAWEI CLOUD shared the global experience and best practices of cloud technologies that drive innovation and growth in the media and entertainment industry from three aspects: new efficiency, new experience, and new model, opening a new horizon for productivity improvement and business growth in the industry.

At the beginning of the 17th century, the first modern newspaper appeared in Europe. In 1895, the French film The Arrival of a Train marked the birth of film art. For more than a century, the media and entertainment industry has crossed the era of print, television, PC Internet, and mobile Internet, and has entered the door of the 3D Internet era.

In this future era, the media and entertainment industry are undergoing profound changes: on the one hand, more and more content competes to appear in all kinds of media, grabbing each other"s traffic; On the other hand, end users are increasingly looking for ultra-HD and low-latency experience; In addition, innovative experiences such as virtual shooting, AIGC, metaverse, and virtual human are emerging one after another. For the media and entertainment industry, whoever can form a competitive advantage in the above three aspects is likely to win a larger market share. Cloud transformation is a sword for enterprises to make breakthroughs and open up markets. Selecting appropriate cloud vendors and cloud services to achieve more efficient and high-quality content production, wider and faster content dissemination, and more innovative and interesting service iterations plays a very important role in promoting enterprise upgrade and market expansion.

In the 3D Internet era, in order to meet enterprises" requirements for content production, content transmission, and service innovation, HUAWEI CLOUD proposes the E3 model: New Efficiency, New Experience, and New Evolution, helping media and entertainment enterprises upgrade the full link of material shooting, video production, and content distribution. This not only helps enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency through digitalization and cloudification, but also provides solid support for enterprises to enhance market competitiveness.

Since the 1990s, computer special effects began to be widely used in film and television production. For example, Hollywood movies have used computer synthetic images to create "virtual realism". After 2000, ASEAN countries have ushered in a new wave of film, and Indonesia"s film industry has grown to produce 100 works a year. However, due to the shortage of local film manpower, almost 90% of Indonesia"s special effects, animation, even coloring and audio mixing are post-processed in Thailand or China Hong Kong.

In Indonesia, the construction of advanced and complete film and television production lines is of great significance to the continuous progress of the media industry.

To facilitate the high-quality development of the global media industry, HUAWEI CLOUD and partners have jointly built MetaStudio, a one-stop on cloud digital content production line, migrating the video production processes, such as composition, editing, modeling, binding, driving, and rendering, to the cloud. It provides a one-click work platform that is easy to operate, and realizes the whole process automation through AI.

Among above, there is a bright technology - HUAWEI CLOUD virtual human generation service. With the popularization of the concept of metaverse, more and more technology and entertainment enterprises start to launch their own digital images, and accelerate their popularization to the entertainment, television and content industries. However, the traditional virtual human production costs millions of dollars and a few months, and the digital human production often lacks scene-based, anthropomorphic interaction.

HUAWEI CLOUD MetaStudio solves these problems. On the one hand, users can use the virtual human rapid generation service, just upload photos and wait 5 seconds, the system can quickly model 3D virtual human, and accepts personalized facial adjustment. On the other hand, for the highly demanding "realistic virtual human service", MetaStudio scans real people 360 degrees through light cages to geometrically generate basic models in just 10 minutes and color the models in just 1 hour using AI texture completion algorithms. At the same time, the platform has more than 1000 high-precision realistic materials, which can automatically match hair, eyes, and eyebrows based on multi-dimensional features. Finally, with manual refinement, the virtual human with high quality is created. The whole production cycle is shortened from 2-3 months to less than 7 days. After it’s generated, user can also use the "virtual human video production" service with AI to drive the virtual human video by entering text in the system. In addition, user can set different emotions for different scenarios. Currently, the low-cost, fast-generation, and high-quality HUAWEI CLOUD virtual human has been applied to many fields such as live broadcast, newscasts, movies, and variety shows.

In Indonesia, most media services are presented as a platform that integrates articles, pictures, and videos, and has PC-end websites and mobile apps. For these media, they’d love to see explosive news attract huge traffic in a short period of time, but the concerns associated with it also follow. Peak traffic will cause great pressure on the servers, causing user access suspended or even cannot be accessed, resulting in user dissatisfaction or even loss.

The same problem has happened in China before. Sina Weibo, China"s largest social media network with 250 million DAU. The frequent hot news have brought unpredictable traffic peaks, which are often three or even five times the usual period. HUAWEI CLOUD provides Sina with a database with high-availability architecture and distributed storage, as well as the combined ECS+CCI cloud technology to achieve the ultimate elasticity of adding 8000 cores within 30 seconds, improving the comprehensive performance of Sina Weibo apps in the face of hot events by 40%, helping Sina Weibo cope with more than 50 annual traffic peaks and ensuring the business stability of Sina Weibo with zero accidents since 2019.

From static to dynamic, from plane to video is the trend of global media development. Based on this, HUAWEI CLOUD provides a one-stop OTT media solution for. Take the live broadcast field for example, HUAWEI CLOUD provides the Low Latency Live (LLL) service, which reduces the E2E live broadcast latency from 3-5s to less than 800ms and the first frame latency to less than 400ms and enhances the stability of live broadcast. This improves users’ viewing experience and ultimately facilitates the business growth of media enterprises.

Since the development of the Internet, the fruits of scientific and technological progress have been gradually applied to businesses and people"s livelihoods. Live e-commerce, AR/VR, and metaverse have entered the public"s vision. In the media and entertainment industry, how to convert traffic into revenue is the most important concern for enterprises. Now is a good time to open up business boundaries, explore new business models, and realize traffic monetization and business growth. Based on its global experience, HUAWEI CLOUD can bring technologies, services, and advanced practices to enterprises in this process.

Media entertainment plus e-commerce, live e-commerce emerged. In this business scenario, anchor reward, live shopping, and online store in the live platform jointly build a new mode of traffic monetization. One short-video & live app chooses Huawei Cloud live solutions, and after the new live e-commerce mode is fully launched, the number of daily active users reached 350 million, 18.5% higher than the previous quarter, and the quarterly GMV reached US$27.8 billion, 31.5% higher than the previous quarter.

Media entertainment plus metaverse, realizing the business possibility of virtual world. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, virtual reality is the fastest growing segment of the media industry in 2022. In China, some Satellite TV stations have already launched their own metaverse, which combines virtual social networking, content browsing, and game experience. This has helped attract a large number of users and realize profits through NFT, metaverse concerts and other forms.

HUAWEI CLOUD provides direction guidance, technical support, and end-to-end services behind these business successes.

As people"s lives are increasingly integrated with digitalization, the prospects for the media and entertainment industry are becoming clearer - a new round of digitalization, cloudification, and metaverse transformation is at hand. As a technical force in the media and entertainment industry, HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to deepen the industry and explore its technical fields, in order to meet the real needs of media and entertainment enterprises, such as content production, content dissemination, and service iteration. With the E3 model, HUAWEI CLOUD is willing to help Indonesia"s media and entertainment industry unleash productivity and explore new business growth opportunities. (mas)

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