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Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
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Alcatel-Lucent Revenue Growth 7%
English Ver. - 11:10:43 | 02 Nov 2013

ALU revenue driven mainly by a stronger contribution from IP Routing, Terrestrial optics and Ultra Broadband Access solutions.
Q3-13, XL Recorded Revenue Rp 15,9 trillion
English Ver. - 10:59:00 | 01 Nov 2013

XL recorded a positive momentum with a 5% increase QoQ.
 Altium Delivers New Altium Designer 14
English Ver. - 14:56:46 | 19 Okt 2013

Altium Limited announces the new version of its flagship product, Altium Designer 14.
Alcatel-Lucent Presents The Shift Plan to ECID
English Ver. - 07:58:42 | 10 Okt 2013

Alcatel-Lucent has committed to achieve fixed cost savings of Euro 1 billion.
Altium Pointed New CSO
English Ver. - 09:09:35 | 09 Okt 2013

Altium Limited promoted Martin Harris to Chief Sales Officer (CSO).
Dialogic Launch PowerMedia XMS 2.1
English Ver. - 07:48:54 | 02 Okt 2013

Dialogic Inc announced the availability of its new PowerMedia XMS 2.1
SingTel Group and Samsung Partner to Enhance Mobile Experience
English Ver. - 13:26:18 | 28 Sep 2013

SingTel Group announced a strategic partnership with Samsung to Enhance Mobile Experience in Asia.
Global Marine Systems and Triasmitra form Joint venture
English Ver. - 09:40:38 | 19 Sep 2013

Global Marine Systems and Triasmitra form Joint venture to provide subsea cable engineering and installation services within the Indonesian market
Quintech Purchases DEV Systemtechnik
English Ver. - 14:10:04 | 13 Sep 2013

Quintech have signed an agreement to purchase 100% of all shares of DEV Systemtechnik
Alcatel-Lucent Signs Contract with Telefonica
English Ver. - 14:37:01 | 07 Sep 2013

Alcatel-Lucent has reached an agreement with Telefónica after two successful pre-commercial 4G LTE pilot networks.
Currency Movements Impact to Axiata Performance
English Ver. - 08:22:06 | 03 Sep 2013

Axiata performance impact by currency movement.
Tower Bersama Paid Cash Dividend
English Ver. - 15:03:00 | 16 Aug 2013

Tower Bersama distribute a 2013 interim dividend of IDR60 per share or equivalent to approximately Rp 288 billion in aggregate.
XL Revenue Turnaround in H1-2013
English Ver. - 15:45:09 | 01 Aug 2013

XL recorded a revenue growth of 1% YoY (Year-on-Year) to Rp10.3 trillion, driven by strong data traction
Q1-13, Axiata Revenue Rose 5,5%
English Ver. - 11:37:04 | 24 May 2013

Axiata reported revenue of RM4.5 billion up 5.5%.
Convergence of IT Driving Companies to Go Digital
English Ver. - 8:25:44 | 22 May 2013

The convergence of social media, mobile computing, analytics and the cloud is transforming the way businesses operate.
Q1-13, Tower Bersama Revenue Rp 618 Billion
English Ver. - 11:39:10 | 30 Apr 2013

TBIG generated revenue and EBITDA amounting to Rp 618 billion and Rp 507 billion for the first quarter 2013
Qualcomm Extends Collaboration with Facebook
English Ver. - 14:16:16 | 06 Apr 2013

Qualcomm Technologies has been working with Facebook to optimize Facebook Home and Facebook for Android across all Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.
WeChat Tops Indonesian Charts
English Ver. - 9:33:07 | 11 Mar 2013

WeChat success in taking the top spot of free apllications in Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices
Seagate Launch Third-Generation Laptop SSHDs
English Ver. - 16:11:13 | 10 Mar 2013

Seagate Technology plc announced it will begin shipping its third-generation of SSHD products
MNC,Tencent, and Hillhouse Announces JV in Indonesia
English Ver. - 11:33:41 | 02 Mar 2013

MNC Media along with Tencent announces their joint venture with support from Hillhouse.
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