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Qualcomm Extends Collaboration with Facebook
English Ver. - 14:16:16 | 06 Apr 2013

Qualcomm Technologies has been working with Facebook to optimize Facebook Home and Facebook for Android across all Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.
WeChat Tops Indonesian Charts
English Ver. - 9:33:07 | 11 Mar 2013

WeChat success in taking the top spot of free apllications in Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices
Seagate Launch Third-Generation Laptop SSHDs
English Ver. - 16:11:13 | 10 Mar 2013

Seagate Technology plc announced it will begin shipping its third-generation of SSHD products
MNC,Tencent, and Hillhouse Announces JV in Indonesia
English Ver. - 11:33:41 | 02 Mar 2013

MNC Media along with Tencent announces their joint venture with support from Hillhouse.
XL Made Changes on Duties and Authorities of the Board of Directors
English Ver. - 19:07:27 | 22 Feb 2013

XL re-announced the alteration of distribution of duties and authorities of the Board of Directors.
2012, Tower Bersama Revenue Jump 77%
English Ver. - 23:12:35 | 20 Feb 2013

TBIG generated revenue and EBITDA amounting to Rp 1,715 billion and Rp 1,398 billion, respectively, for the full year ending 31 December 2012.
Mobile Internet will become the
English Ver. - 21:29:30 | 10 Feb 2013

Frost & Sullivan projects mobile internet will become the “hero” that save the Indonesian telco in 2013 as it will open the new horizon beyond data communication segment.
XL Axiata Net Profit Slip 2%
English Ver. - 20:38:08 | 01 Feb 2013

XL recorded a strong revenue growth of 15% YoY (Year-on-year) to Rp21.3 trillion, led by growth in data at 50% YoY followed by SMS at 16% YoY and Voice at 6% YoY
229 million Users in Opera
English Ver. - 17:00:58 | 27 Jan 2013

The Opera Mini browser increased its user base by more than 13 million unique users from November 2012 to December 2012,
Telkomsel Free from Bankruptcy
English Ver. - 29:58:59 | 14 Jan 2013

Indonesia's biggest telecommunication provider, Telkomsel finally free from bankruptcy ruling after the release of an appeal by the Supreme Court on November 21st, 2012.
Tokobagus Awarded The Most Searched Brand Through Google
English Ver. - 23:38:17 | 21 Dec 2012 is listed as the most searched brand in Google search engine
Smoother downloading with Opera Mini for J2ME and BlackBerry
English Ver. - 29:02:41 | 26 Nov 2012

The internet became just a tad easier for the millions of people using basic phones to browse the web.
Telkomsel Break Away from Bankruptcy
English Ver. - 9:28:18 | 26 Nov 2012

Telkomsel Bankruptcy

Telkomsel’s management can finally breathe easier for a while. Their court appeal has been granted by Supreme Court.
Qualcomm Gobi Support Next-Generation Computing Platforms
English Ver. - 17:13:51 | 08 Nov 2012

JAKARTA (indotelko)  – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc    highlighted the leading role its Qualcomm Gobi wireless modems play in delivering fast, reliable and seamless 3G and 4G/LTE connectivity to mobile computing devices built
Telkomsel Propose 3G License at 1800 MHz Spectrum
English Ver. - 20:03:43 | 08 Okt 2012

Telkomsel reported has filed a proposal to have a license of neutral technology at 1800 MHz frequency which
Indosat Introduced 3G 900 MHz in Padang
English Ver. - 20:12:41 | 06 Okt 2012

Indosat start to utilize 3G 900 MHz license.
Tender of 3G Additional Frequency Remains Held?
English Ver. - 20:19:13 | 29 Sep 2012

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology confirmed about tender of 3G additional frequency will still be held this year
Reject Bankruptcy, Telkomsel Submit Appeal
English Ver. - 9:38:28 | 21 Sep 2012

Telkomsel confirmed its plan to fight against bankruptcy decision from Central Jakarta Commercial court. Indonesia incumbent telecommunication operator has officially filed case appeal to the Supreme Court by today (21/9) morning
Court: Telkomsel is Bankrupt
English Ver. - 9:35:26 | 15 Sep 2012

Telkomsel was lost in the bankruptcy lawsuit filed by their partner, PT Prima Jaya Informatika. Telkomsel declared bankrupt.
Huaweis mLab Completes Mobile and Wi-Fi Service Test
English Ver. - 17:32:58 | 05 Aug 2012

Huawei announced that its mLab (Mobile Broadband Research Laboratory) has successfully completed the industry’s first simultaneous GSM/UMTS/WiFi service test. The test marks a significant step forward in the developm
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