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Isar Aerospace and EXOTRAIL partner on cloud-based space

07:00:00 | 09 Jun 2022
Isar Aerospace and EXOTRAIL partner on cloud-based space
JAKARTA (IndoTelko) -- The launch service provider Isar Aerospace signs in as the latest ExoOPS™ - Mission Design customer, Exotrail’s software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution dedicated to space mission simulation and analysis.

Isar Aerospace, the leading European launch service provider focusing on small and medium satellite deployment, will use ExoOPS™ - Mission Design to answer the thriving demand for flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective access to space. The ExoOPS™ - Mission Design will support the mission management team in running a quick and easy preliminary mission design to answer the growing demand for constellation deployment onboard Spectrum, Isar Aerospace’s launch vehicle with a payload capacity of up to 1,000 kg. 

With ExoOPS™ - Mission Design, the Isar Aerospace team will benefit from:
-Powerful simulations with Exotrail’s flight dynamic core inside,
-User-friendly and easy-to-use graphical user interfaces allowing a quick onboarding,
-Collaborative and cross-functional capabilities for result sharing,
-Tailored build and run deployment solution.

Alexandre Dalloneau, Vice President - Mission and Launch Operations of Isar Aerospace said: “We see increasing customer demand for launching satellite constellations, as they become a critical base for connectivity and communications and enable many technologies on earth. It is great to partner with Exotrail on enhancing our capabilities in the planning and analysis of satellite constellations. Using the software will support us in performing fast and reliable mission design and suitable launch service for our customers.”

Sébastien Duménil, Exotrail’s Chief Commercial Officer commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Isar Aerospace, a leading European launch service provider as a new ExoOPS™ - Mission Design user. Extending our software customer base to launch services providers, alongside satellite operators, manufacturers, and space agencies confirm ExoOPS™ - Mission Design as the perfect tool for all the actors across the value chain. We are dedicated to keeping our solution close to our customers’ needs for space mission simulation, with regular releases covering more use cases of propelled satellite constellations to be deployed and operated into all orbits”.

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