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ICONNET has reached more than 1 million subscribers

08:22:00 | 11 Mar 2024
ICONNET has reached more than 1 million subscribers
JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - Telecom company PLN Icon Plus was honoured as the recipient of the Broadband Telecom Company of the Year - Indonesia category in the recently held Asian Telecom Awards 2024 for its strong numbers of having more than a million subscribers and 70% nationwide coverage on ICONNET product since its launch in 2019.

This performance has been amplified from its planning stage, PLN Icon Plus leverages PT PLN’s electricity assets, a fiberoptic-based infrastructure utilising high-speed GPON technologies, in the deployment of the network infrastructure to ensure speed and performance reliability.

The selection of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) clusters builds upon geographical information systems (GIS) combined with electricity customer spending analytics, as well as FTTH competitive landscape, as a basis for mapping potential clusters. This strategy, which is unique to PLN Icon Plus, ensures a higher take-up ratio (TUR).

As a result, the infrastructure showcases the highest TUR in Indonesia. In December 2023, ICONNET’s TUR reached 39%, better than the Indonesian average FTTH TUR of 25% and also exhibited a difference of 10% from the second-highest competitor.

ICONNET has reached 2.7 million homepasses as of December 2023, which surpasses most competitors that started ahead of PLN Icon Plus. Subscribers have also increased by more than 1,000,000 subscribers in the same period, the fastest internet growth in Indonesia.

On top of that, PLN Icon Plus strives to enhance its customer experience by enhancing three integrated apps which are MyICONPlus, iCRM+ and Virtual Command Center (VCC). This ecosystem can boost a customer-oriented culture in which all field officers are monitored directly by BOD for their performance. This resulted in more efficient operational processes, faster service delivery, reduction problem-handling duration, as well as increased customer satisfaction.

As of now, the ongoing expansion of the Internet Broadband business has currently covered more than 330 districts or cities, which covers 70% of the total districts in Indonesia. It is also present in more than 12,000 villages throughout the country. This puts PLN Icon Plus in a unique position to support the government’s digital literation programme which emphasises connectivity to rural areas.

Looking ahead, PLN Icon Plus pursues to further penetrate the broadband telecommunication market with the aim to gain three million subscribers in 2027. Further service enhancement includes the introduction of Internet Broadband, Content Streaming, and Smart Home bundling services.(es)

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