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Vewd and INNOPIA joint streaming media device

10:11:09 | 18 Jun 2019
Vewd and INNOPIA joint streaming media device
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SINGAPORE (IndoTelko) - Vewd, the world’s largest smart TV OTT software provider, announced that INNOPIA Technologies, a leading South Korean smart device manufacturer, will launch an HDMI-based streaming media device featuring Vewd OS, the revolutionary entertainment operating system designed for smart TVs, set-top boxes, and smart home and IoT devices. 

Arriving as Pay TV operators face new challenges to attract and retain subscribers, the new device empowers operators with unprecedented control and flexibility while enabling the premium OTT services subscribers demand.

With cord cutting picking up pace globally, and an emerging challenge from a new generation of “cord nevers”, operators need a range of product and content offerings that meet subscribers on their terms. 
Vewd and INNOPIA meet the challenge head-on with this new streaming device, which combines an innovative form factor with advanced Vewd OS features, flexibility, and performance to give existing subscribers compelling reasons to keep their subscription or convince and convert new customers.

“Vewd OS brings operators flexibility, control, and deep customization options,” said Heewon Park, President, INNOPIA. “With this HDMI streaming media player, operators can offer the latest OTT services without costly hardware or software updates. It’s ready to go immediately offering the shortest possible time to market for operators who need new streaming options to reduce churn and grow their customer base. We’re excited to bring this product to market at a major inflection point for operators who seek new ways to increase subscribers while retaining control.”

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Vewd OS offers a number of powerful features that ensure operator success. More complete customization options than any other smart TV OS means operators can place their own OTT service front and center. At the same time, Vewd’s global reach and content relationships ensure operators can select and offer their subscribers the most important global and regional premium OTT content to help mitigate cord cutting. Furthermore, device management is simplified through an intuitive cloud-based back office, which reduces cost and offers a broad range of customization, monetization, and analytics tools.

“The combination of a modern customizable streaming experience with an innovative, easy to deploy form factor is an easy choice for operators seeking growth,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO, Vewd. “Vewd OS is the most flexible smart TV OS on the market today, underscored by its deployment on INNOPIA’s cost-efficient form factor. INNOPIA’s new device, together with Vewd OS, delivers everything Pay TV operators need to launch new services they control, reduce churn and attract new subscribers.”

The streaming media device will be available in Full HD and UHD in 2H 2019.(es)

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