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Ribbon and Hong Kong Broadband Networks developing "Global Talk"

12:31:44 | 27 Okt 2018
Ribbon and Hong Kong Broadband Networks developing
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SINGAPORE (IndoTelko) – Ribbon Communications Inc. (Ribbon) announced that Hong Kong Broadband Networks Limited (HKBN) has leveraged Kandy Link to build and deploy Global Talk, a custom Over The Top (OTT) application within their Global Phone service that enables callers to enjoy high-speed global data connectivity across more than 60 regions worldwide without incurring roaming charges.

“We knew that developing Global Talk would require a flexible, robust framework,” said Gary McLaren, Chief Technology Officer from HKBN. “Kandy Link fulfilled our requirements and more. The open API in particular allowed us to quickly develop and market this new application, while also providing us with the flexibility and capabilities we need as we work to develop and market additional WebRTC-based applications.”

“Empowering Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to innovate and deliver new digital services quickly and easily is at the heart of what we do,” added David Walsh, Kandy founder. “We’re delighted to extend this relationship as HKBN further develops its portfolio of advanced solutions. We share a common vision with HKBN in that leveraging the power of API-based communications enables customized, differentiated service offers.  This vision is the core of our Kandy strategy.”

Kandy Link condenses the power of the award-winning Kandy Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) into an on-premises solution that enables CSPs to provide a differentiated user experience and make communications an integral part of user processes and applications. Kandy Link goes beyond basic WebRTC gateway functionality, delivering value-added capabilities to accelerate the deployment of new services that help enhance user retention, facilitate new revenues and optimize the total cost of ownership.

Global Phone is a smartphone offering built-in global data accessibility. It features patented CloudSIM technology, empowering customers to stay connected on one single device in over 60 countries without ever needing to swap SIM cards. Global Talk is one of the key add-on mobile applications riding on the benefits of Global Phone’s global data plan.  It allows users to make free calls to Hong Kong mobile and landline phones as well as receive calls from all around the world through Internet using data network or Wi-Fi. Users can stay connected with friends and family without pricey voice roaming charges.

This latest innovation enhances a previously existing relationship between Ribbon and HKBN, which already leverages Ribbon’s Application Server (AS) and C20 Call Session Controller in its network. Augmenting these resources with Kandy Link enabled HKBN to quickly and easily design, build and market its new business portfolio and evolve to an open, web-based services provider.(es)

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