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Telin join the Carrier Blockchain Study Group

12:17:00 | 07 Jul 2018
Telin join the Carrier Blockchain Study Group
Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi, CEO of Telin (second right) when open data center in Hong Kong lately.(dok)
SUNNYVALE (IndoTelko) – The Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG), the global blockchain consortium of telecom carriers, announced that ASEAN and South Asian operator Axiata Group Berhad (Axiata), Philippine-based PLDT, Inc. (PLDT), Indonesia-based PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), Turkey-based leading digital operator Turkcell (Turkcell), Vietnam-based Viettel Telecom Corporation (Viettel), and Kuwait-headquartered Zain Group (Zain) agreed to jointly explore how to collaborate on building a next-generation global cross-carrier blockchain platform and ecosystem.

The CBSG Consortium is the leading telecom blockchain consortium. It was launched in September 2017 to enable the joint development of an innovative blockchain platform designed specifically for telecom carriers, led by U.S.-based blockchain technology company TBCASoft, Inc. (TBCASoft) and Japan-based SoftBank Corp. (SoftBank), with U.S.-based Sprint Corporation (Sprint) and Taiwan-based Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (Far EasTone) as initial founding members.

Other members of the CBSG Consortium are South Korea-based LG Uplus Corp. (LG U+), KT Corporation (KT), and UAE-based Etisalat Telecommunication Corporation (Etisalat).

CBSG aims to provide telecom members and their customers various services such as secured global digital payments, clearing and settlement, personal authentication, IoT applications and other services using blockchain technology.

The Consortium is also announcing the creation of an additional blockchain working group that will focus on global remittance services.

Blockchain technology is well suited for these types of transactions; streamlining processes to better serve consumers. The blockchain platform and solutions proposed by the CBSG Consortium are specifically designed for telecom carriers and will help them create and extend their services beyond traditional markets and borders.

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Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi, CEO of Telin said, “The core attributes of blockchains, which is shared ledger, can ensure trust and safe transactions between all participants which potentially can generate new services especially in the digital asset transactions area, mobile transactions and international remittance. We believe deploying blockchain as a service in Telin’s extensive global infrastructure will enable our customer’s digital business and solution. For Telin, joining the CBSG Consortium will provide a platform to collaborate among global carriers to explore and quickly deploy the service globally.”

Daichi Nozaki, Vice President, Head of Global Business Division, Enterprise Business Unit of SoftBank said, "I am happy to see that other great carriers recognize the significant opportunity in a blockchain platform specifically designed for them -- and the inherent advantage a consortium blockchain has over private and public blockchains. SoftBank is continuously building innovative services for its customers who have lives that extend beyond geographic borders. Being able to leverage the new CBSG cross-carrier working groups opens up exciting possibilities to extend our services to match their lives."

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Ling Wu, Founder and CEO of TBCASoft said, “The CBSG Consortium has been growing very fast since it was founded in September 2017. We have accomplished a lot in inter-carrier blockchain business innovation with existing CBSG members. TBCASoft is the leading cross-carrier blockchain platform and solution provider. We welcome new CBSG members and are looking forward to creating more blockchain-based business together with all members.” Ling Wu is also the Co-Chairman of The CBSG Consortium.(es)

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