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Lenovo implements IPfolio system

12:42:51 | 19 Jun 2018
Lenovo implements IPfolio system
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BERKELEY (IndoTelko)- IPfolio, provider of next-generation Intellectual Property Management solutions, announced that global technology company Lenovo has purchased and successfully implemented IPfolio’s IP Portfolio Manager for Patents, Inventors Portal, and Reports & Dashboards.

Lenovo chose IPfolio because of its cloud-based flexibility, ease of use, collaborative tools and fluid connection to the company’s Chinese and Rest of World (ROW) IP operations.

Lenovo began its search for an alternative to its incumbent solution Memotech back in 2016. Charles Dixon, Lenovo’s Global Legal Systems Patent Project Manager, led the evaluation process. After much research and testing Charles and Douglas Robinson, Lenovo’s Executive Director of IP, ultimately decided to purchase IPfolio.

IPfolio provided a cloud-based IP management system that would connect Lenovo’s global IP teams, particularly enabling connectivity to China where its IP portfolio needs were greatest. Lenovo’s IP professionals can easily drag and drop documents and pull reports.

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Dixon says, “Since IPfolio is built on the Salesforce Platform, it easily aligns to our current apps that reside in Salesforce i.e. Abacus, etc. Our staff can also self-address issues without enlisting the assistance of our in-house IT or a vendor. IPfolio is a great, innovative tool which will improve Lenovo’s overall IP patent landscape and workflow schema going forward. The system is quick and powerful; we can easily build on it and take it wherever we go. Lenovo’s technical staff, lawyers and inventors are all happy with IPfolio.”

IPfolio has just completed its rollout in Lenovo’s U.S. offices in Chicago and the Raleigh-Durham Metropolitan Area. Several international offices will be rolled out this summer, followed by China as the final phase.

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Rupert Mayer, IPfolio’s CEO, comments, “We are thrilled that Lenovo has chosen IPfolio and that the U.S. go-live has been a great success. Our global Solution Delivery and Customer Success teams will continue to assist Charles Dixon and his colleagues to fully complete IPfolio’s worldwide deployment at Lenovo.”(es)

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