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Telkomsel and Huawei collaborate in Home Broadband and 5G Innovation

07:54:00 | 01 Mar 2024
Telkomsel and Huawei collaborate in Home Broadband and 5G Innovation
MOU signing procession (doc)
JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - To provide innovative connectivity, solutions, and services that open up more opportunities for every individual, household, and business in Indonesia, Telkomsel and Huawei have signed two Strategic Partnership Agreements (SPA) related to Home Broadband and 5G Innovation, and Talent Development. Signed coinciding with the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona (2/26), both SPAs are aligned with the strategies and growth of both companies, aimed at supporting the advancement of Indonesia"s digital ecosystem in the future.

Said Telkomsel Chief Executive Officer, Nugroho, as the leading digital telecommunications service provider in Indonesia, Telkomsel continuously strives to drive digital transformation and adopt insights into the latest technology utilization. "Through the exploration of new digital infrastructure and business development, as well as efforts to strategically strengthen digital leadership through talent empowerment in collaboration with Huawei, Telkomsel hopes to enhance capabilities in delivering connectivity, solutions, and innovative services more reliably, as well as accelerating the implementation of the latest technology to open up more opportunities to empower Indonesian society towards a more inclusive and sustainable national digital ecosystem," he said.

Through the Home Broadband and 5G Innovation SPA, Telkomsel and Huawei will strengthen cooperation in digital infrastructure development and new digital businesses, such as exploring the use of hybrid fiber and 5G technologies to accelerate the implementation of home broadband for customers, as well as exploring various innovative services to enhance the home broadband experience. Additionally, both parties will also jointly explore new technologies to improve device implementation efficiency and operational costs.

On the same occasion, the Director of Huawei Indonesia Telkomsel Account Department, Wang Xu, said, Huawei are excited to sign both SPA with our strategic partner, Telkomsel. Huawei has always been the leader in telecommunications technology and is willing to share our innovative technologies with Telkomsel to explore new ways to implement fixed and wireless technologies, assisting Telkomsel to extend their Fixed Mobile Convergence leadership in Indonesia.

"The fixed broadband addressable market is still huge in Indonesia, and it is our aim to assist Telkomsel with innovative solutions to shorten time to market and explore new services that end users might be interested in. The demand for mobile broadband services in Indonesia is also huge and to fully leverage on this opportunity, Huawei will collaborate with Telkomsel to implement technologies that can help lower TCO and OPEX to accelerate 5G rollout in Indonesia. We hope our small contribution can help empower Telkomsel to contribute to the achievement of Indonesia Digital Vision 2030 and 2045," he said.

Meanwhile, with the Talent Development SPA, Telkomsel and Huawei are committed to strengthening digital leadership through talent empowerment with insights into market expansion, network experience, digital transformation, and service innovation to further improve performance and agility amidst the increasingly competitive and fast-paced digital industry with trends in 5G services, FMC, to B2B/B2H, as well as the utilization of the latest digital technologies such as Big Data, AI, and Autonomous Network. Furthermore, Telkomsel and Huawei will explore sustainable capability enhancement programs in implementing company business processes that prioritize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, as well as the use of Cloud Learning Platforms to enhance a culture of sustainable learning.

Meanwhile, Director of Human Capital Management Telkomsel, Muharam Perbawamukti added, the strategic partnership with Huawei represents a solid step in strengthening Telkomsel"s digital leadership in Indonesia. "By focusing on enhancing digital talents to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic and competitive industry, Telkomsel aims to continually improve the performance and agility of its employees amidst the rapid development of the latest digital technologies. Efforts to enhance this learning culture will also be continuously encouraged by Telkomsel to improve operational efficiency while prioritizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in its sustainable business processes," he explained. (mas)

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