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Indonesia is Not Interested in 5G

07:37:04 | 24 Nov 2015
Indonesia is Not Interested in 5G
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JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - The development of information and communication technologies is very rapid nowadays which shown by the 4G technology implementation in Indonesia, but telecommunication vendors are teasing the new 5G technology.

"5G can encourage Indonesian economic growth. ZTE Indonesia is open for local companies to exchange ideas related to 5G network," said ZTE Indonesia President Director Mei Zhonghua.

According to Zhonghua, the 5G can provide several advantages over 4G, such as the greater number of connections, 1,000 times greater capacity, 10 times faster throughout and lower latency.

"ZTE took the initiative to facilitate discussions between the telecommunications business and government to discuss the latest technology, the 5G network. With this event, we hope to create a deep understanding of technology 5G, challenges, and solutions that can be done to speed up implementation in Indonesia," said Zhonghua.

Not yet Needed
Indonesian Communication and Information Technology Rudiantara said that Indonesia does not need the 5G technology yet.

"We must always keep updated with the technology, but that does not mean we can adopt it directly. 5G technology is still ahead. We must see from the consumer side. In the end, the business model is decisive," Rudiantara said.

The Minister also said that Japan will implement the 5G technology in 2020 in preparation for the Olympics. But Japan has not thought about the business model for 5G.

"All Indonesian operators also have the right business models for 4G. But, if we want to welcome 5G, all regulations for all frequencies should be completed by 2017," Rudiantara said.

He stressed that the current government has been prioritizing the arrangement of the 4G technology. Once finished setting the 4G technology in the frequency of 1,800 MHz, the government is now going to focus on 4G in the 2,100 MHz frequency, after that, then at the 2,300 MHz frequency.

Separately, XL President Director Dian Siswarini predicted the 5G implementation in Indonesia by 2025.

"Based on the past experience, new technology implemented every ten years and Indonesia adoption is only five years after having launched globally. So if Japan adopts 5G technologies in 2020, Indonesia is expected to do so five years later, but faster even better," said Dian.

Dian said that the 5G technology will be very quickly implemented. For example, when the 3G technology began to develop in Indonesia in early 2004, it took up to 10 years to get 3G users reached 20% of total subscribers.

Dian expects to migrate around 20% of customers using 4G, might require up to 3-4 years.

Paket Semangat Kemerdekaan
"Currently, we are focusing to 4G, but I predict the implementation of 5G will be faster even faster, because there is not much change in the network but rather to increase the capacity of the fiber optic network. The hardest work might be on the costumers' education process," Dian said.

Currently, the 5G technology has not been globally adopted, but a number of parties have planned to launch this technology soon. Verizon is reportedly planning to launch the 5G technology commercially in the United States by 2017.

While South Korea is reportedly planning a 5G network ready in 2018 for the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, and Japan reportedly targeting in 2020 for the Olympics. (es)

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