Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
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Lazada Break Sales Record in Indonesia

15:36:49 | 24 Dec 2013
Lazada Break Sales Record in Indonesia
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JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - Lazada Indonesia finished the year with a historical sales record, serving thousands of online shoppers all across Indonesia.

Lazada initiated the 1212 concept already last year on 12.12.12 (12 December 2012). In 2013 LAZADA expanded the concept that is inspired by Cyber Monday in the US and 11.11 in China to a whole new level.  

This year’s #1212Sale was named ‘HariBelanja Online Nasional’ (National Online Shopping Day). Together with more than 20 online stores as participants, LAZADA was able to create a movement to push the online retail industry in Indonesia to a new level.

The concept for #1212Sale HariBelanja Online Nasional is that for one day, giving Indonesian from all across the country to access to fantastic deals and offerings from the best ecommerce sites.

Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
This year’s #1212Sale HariBelanja Online Nasional gained additional through support from Telkomsel, the biggest telecommunications provider in Indonesia. Telkomsel's subscribers were given unique access to exclusive deals and offerings from Lazada and other ecommerce sites.

The #1212Sale event on 12 December 2013 for LAZADA was nothing but record breaking. “We had prepared for everything, from doubling the shifts in the warehouse, customer service and full operations from midnight to monitor developments. But we were simply blown away by response from our customers. We beat the predictions for the full day sales already before lunch time” says CEO Lazada Indonesia Magnus Ekbom.
During 1212, LAZADA was seeing order rates well in excess of  thousands orders per hour. Despite technical issues during the day that made the site inaccessible for parts of the day, more shoppers than ever before shopped online during the day.

“We are clearly seeing a glimpse of the future. We believe that online retail in Indonesia has a huge room to grow”, explains VP Marketing & Business Development for Lazada Rizki Suluh Adi.(es)

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