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Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
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Lazada Expands into C2C with Lamido

09:29:15 | 12 Nov 2013
Lazada Expands into C2C with Lamido
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JAKARTA (IndoTelko) – The Lazada Group expand into a new business line focusing on the C2C segment with the launch of Lamido (
Lamido is already live in Indonesia and Vietnam and other countries are expected to be launched soon.

“With a huge informal e-commerce market including thousands of shop on social networks such as Facebook and Instragram we realized that a huge part of the market was underserved by the current Lazada offering. We are aiming  to help this market to become more professional and customer friendly,” said Lamido CEO, Tom Damek.

Together will all major Indonesian e-commerce businesses, Lamido will take part in the 11/11 online revolution campaign. It has lined up an extensive range of exciting offers including a number of unique and sought-after memorabilia such as signed football shirts of Indonesian National Team stars and gadgets
with no reserve price. The campaign will provide everyone with a chance to get gadgets for a small fraction of the retail price with the proceeds going to charity.

Lamido is focusing on offering a convenient platform for buyers and sellers to interact. To grow the nascent e-commerce market Lamido focus on One unique advantage of the platform to other C2C players is the fact that Lamido offers Cash on Delivery to its customers.

So far, buyers have been forced to either blindly trust sellers to wire money via bank transfers upfront or meet them in person to complete the transaction. Clearly, this creates huge inconveniences with countless stories of disappointed customers who did not receive what they had hoped for.

Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
“We believe that Lamido offering COD will be a game changer in this market.” said Tom. In addition, Lamido has launched a safePay option which offers an Escrow service so that the money get disbured to the seller only when the buyer has received the product in full.

Lamido is free to use with the goal to provide a safe and convenient platform to buy and sell. The focus is on creating a great platform for users and the company is leveraging Lazada’s expertise and relationships with other players in the online and offline field.

Sellers have the option on fixed price or auction model for their product and decide on what payment methods they accept.. So far over 10,000 products, across a range of categories including electronics and gadgets, men’s and women’s fashion, health and beauty, and cars are online. Users can list both, new as well as used products.(es)

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