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Tokopedia reveals online shopping trends in Indonesia, Q2 2022

09:00:25 | 09 Jul 2022
Tokopedia reveals online shopping trends in Indonesia, Q2 2022
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JAKARTA (IndoTelko) --  Tokopedia notes that Health, Food and Beverage, Home and Living, Personal Care, and Automotive are some of the most popular categories throughout the second quarter of 2022. This data reveals by Tokopedia Head of External Communications Ekhel Chandra Wijaya based on internal survey.
Some of the best-selling items in the Health category in the second quarter of 2022 include tissue, face masks, and herbal remedies. On the other hand, fruits, milk powder, and cooking oil became increasingly popular in the Food & Beverage category. The products plant seeds, sheets, bed covers, and hangers became highly sought after in the Home and Living category.
In the Personal Care category, the most popular items across Indonesia were perfume and cologne, body lotion, vitamins, and hair serum. Meanwhile, top-selling items in the Automotive category include motorcycle and car lighting, motorcycle body accessories, as well as car radiators and components.
“We also found unique facts about our customers’ shopping behavior. For example, Tokopedia records that the furthest delivery made during the second quarter of 2022 was from Karawang to Ternate,” Wijaya added.
This shopping trend is also driven by many of Tokopedia’s initiatives such as Tokopedia Peduli Sehat, for which Tokopedia partners with people and institutions in the health industry; Tokopedia NOW!, which enables customers to receive their purchased goods within two hours following payment; and Tokopedia Nyam!, offering a selection of curated food and beverages produced by local MSMEs.
Other initiatives include Home Living SALEbrations, the largest campaign in the Home and Living category; Cantik Fest, an exciting offering around the best products in beauty, household, fashion, and sports; last but not least, Tokopedia Garage, providing a wide range of automotive equipments that ensures vehicles’ optimal performance.
To further support MSMEs in different regions of Indonesia, Tokopedia will continue to intensify its Hyperlocal initiative, which utilizes geo-tagging technology, a feature that gives merchants greater access to buyers in their vicinity (and vice versa), through programs such as Digitalisasi Pasar Tradisional and Kumpulan Toko Pilihan (KTP).
Through the Hyperlocal initiative, Tokopedia further identifies several online shopping trends in the second quarter of 2022, compared to the second quarter of 2021:
    Regions with the highest increase in the number of sellers: Manado, Balikpapan, and Denpasar.
    Regions with the highest increase in the number of buyers: Padang, Palu, and Brebes.
    Regions with the highest increase in the number of transactions: Balikpapan, Palu, and Manado.
“Tokopedia will continue to enable a more seamless experience for people to fulfill their everyday items, in support of the growth of local MSMEs to contribute to our nation’s economic recovery,” Wijaya concluded.
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