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Tokopedia selects New Relic to achieve full stack observability

10:21:59 | 17 Jan 2021
Tokopedia selects New Relic to achieve full stack observability
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JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - New Relic, Inc, the observability platform company, has been selected by Indonesian technology company Tokopedia to provide end-to-end visibility of its IT systems as it enters its next phase of growth.

New Relic will be instrumental in assisting Tokopedia to quickly identify and solve technical issues, gain deep insights into business metrics and manage its entire tech stack, including its mobile app, on one platform.

Tokopedia is a technology company with the leading marketplace in Indonesia with over 100 million monthly active users in 98 percent of districts in the country. Tokopedia is also home to more than 9,4 million sellers, almost 100 percent of which are MSMEs while 94 percent of them are ultra-micro scale sellers. It was recognised by HR Asia as one of “The Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2020”.

“As an Indonesian technology company, collaboration with various strategic partners has and will always be key for Tokopedia to continuously transform into a Super Ecosystem. We greatly appreciate having New Relic as one of our partners with the same mission to help accelerate the Indonesian digital economy together,” said Herman Widjaja, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Tokopedia.

“With their full stack observability platform, we are especially excited to see New Relic’s famed dashboards in action,” Widjaja continued.

New Relic’s Observability Map dashboard will assist Tokopedia in viewing metrics, events, traces, logs, alerts, deployments markers, custom nodes and custom icons in a single map. The Indonesian technology company will also be able to quickly identify which userID, client number or operation ID will have a direct positive or negative impact on underlying revenue.

“Another standout feature in New Relic is the ability to make a direct correlation between the status of a transaction and the monetary value. We can actually identify the amount of shortfalls in relation to the number of transactions with the corresponding user,” said Widjaja.

“New Relic is a game changer for Tokopedia - not just for our technical team but the wider business. We will now be able to achieve end-to-end observability of our platform, especially our mobile app. Engineers and managers will have greater visibility on how our IT stack is performing while the ability for in-depth analysis of technical issues can greatly improve the usability and responsiveness of our platforms and mobile app for Indonesian users.

Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
“New Relic’s solutions will ultimately lead to improved customer experience and a direct, positive impact on our contribution to the digital economy in Indonesia,” Widjaja added.

“Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology powerhouse and indeed one of the region’s leading digital economy players. Tokopedia’s business is transforming and growing at a rapid pace, and we’re excited to play such a critical part in its plans to achieve business agility and success. Having true visibility across its entire IT stack via New Relic’s single, customisable platform will enable Tokopedia to meet its business objectives faster. This strategic deal can empower the company to quickly gain insights into complex technology environments in an easy to understand manner at any time and on any device,” said Ben Goodman, New Relic senior vice president Asia.

Tokopedia has a significant number of application and infrastructure hosts, mobile users, logs, and traces. New Relic’s pricing model - which is not host based - was particularly attractive to Widjaja and team as it allocates licenses per full stack developer, enabling the team to access the entire New Relic One platform without the traditional, commercial challenges that come with the need to scale infrastructure quickly. This offering by New Relic was viewed as unique in the market in comparison to other providers in the observability space.(es)

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