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Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
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AXA Mandiri Launches MSP Online

07:54:06 | 05 Dec 2013
AXA Mandiri Launches MSP Online
Launches of MSP Online (Dok)
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JAKARTA (IndoTelko) – PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AXA Mandiri) in collaboration with Tokone (E-Commerce website from Mandiri Bank) launch the Mandiri Secure Plan (MSP) Online through

This AXA Mandiri product that was marketed through a digital distribution lines is a solution for high mobility people who wish to have a maximum protection with the most convenient and efficient way.

AXA Mandiri and Tokone revealed that Indonesia was at ranked 8th for the most internet users in the world and the number had increased 28 times since 2000.

“Nowadays, people starts to look for the convenient way to practice their financial transaction through the internet where they don’t have to directly visits a nearby banks and only by a finger-tip or a mouse click,” said the President Director of AXA Mandiri, Jon Sandham.

The insurance penetration in Indonesia only reached 1.7% of the total population with the total penetration of internet usage reached 55 million users. “Responding to the situation, AXA Mandiri intend to seize the market opportunity, AXA Mandiri targets the electronic transactions as one of the distributional line. This move serves as part of AXA Mandiri strategy to diversify our alternative distribution line. We would like to maximize the internet usage to increase the insurance industry penetration by providing a digital-based insurance product,” Jon said.

Convenient Innovation
The launching of the latest insurance premium payment through a digital platform is an innovation made by AXA Mandiri in response to the need of people with high mobility. The online MSP product is available with convenient access anywhere and at any time and represents the first innovation in insurance industry.

Under AXA Mandiri collaboration with online shopping website (, costumers were facilitated to acquire the protection needed. Costumers’ only need to access the Tokone website in home to obtain the insurance protection in accordance to their needs.

“As the only media for online payment transaction gateway owned by Mandiri Bank, would like to continuously develop their services and fulfils the dynamic customers’ needs through some collaboration with several merchants. This was done to attract people to use an online transaction. The launching of Mandiri Secure Plan through serves as an innovation to fulfil the customer’s needs of a proper protection for their family and themselves.” explained Tardi, the EVP Coordinator Consumer Finance of Mandiri Bank.

The has been developed by Mandiri credit card since November 2011 by using the 3D Secure facility (VBV and mastercardsecurecode). Through the website, the purchasing transaction of Mandiri Secure Plan insurance premium would be done safely and conveniently.

In the era of digital generation, AXA Mandiri is a pioneer in the Indonesian insurance industry by applying a digital system of online transactions in which the customers only need to use their smartphone, tablet or other gadgets to do a transaction.

The Director of Marketing & Alternate Distribution AXA Mandiri, Handayani also adds that the consumers’ lifestyle changes have become the inspiration for the launching of Mandiri Secure Plan via “With the digital development, customers have become so mobile and therefore choose a more convenient and flexible lifestyle, that is why the insurance world needs to innovate its products and distribution’s line so that it could reach a digital based customers,” Handayani explained.

AXA Mandiri realizes that an internet based Indonesian insurance industry has become a part of the current lifestyle. In addition, the importance of having insurance protection is not only a matter of having benefit of compensation from death, in fact insurance also help the people to be more prosperous, healthier and happier through its professional services in financial planning.

Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
Convenient Transactions
With the convenience of MSP Online, customers also receive the same benefit for life insurance, i.e. protection over ten year period while paying premium for five years only with instalments at interest rate between 0% up to 12 month period and premium return up to 110% if no claims made for 10 years.

In order to obtain all features above, customers only need to click and then click MSP Online promo banner. Once connected to MSP Online, customers may choose from the three insurance offered, starting from IDR 150,000 up to IDR 500,000 per month with claim benefit up to IDR 150 million.

The next step is completing personal data and premium payment that will immediately connect to Mandiri Payment Gateway Insurance Purchase. After all steps have been completed, AXA Mandiri customers will receive the best and maximum protection.(es)

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