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Telkomsel Bankruptcy

Telkomsel Break Away from Bankruptcy

9:28:18 | 26 Nov 2012
Telkomsel Break Away from Bankruptcy
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Jakarta (Indotelko) – Telkomsel’s management can finally breathe easier for a while. Their court appeal has been granted by Supreme Court.

Head of Legal and Public Relations of Telkomsel, MA Ridwan Mansyur said Telkomsel’s court appeal granted on Wednesday, November 21st 2012 by judges Abdul Kadir Mappong, Suwardi and Sultoni. “It was decided on Wednesday. The appeal was granted, means Telkomsel refused for bankcruptcy,” Ridwan said.

Unfortunately, Head of Corporate Communication Affair of Telkom, Slamet Riyadi unable to give any comment yet. He said they have to wait until court sent the verdict to them. “According to the rules, they should give the verdict to Telkomsel first. We not able to give any comment yet. Just wait.” Slamet said.

Meanwhile, attorney of PT Prima Jaya Informatika, Kanta Cahya claimed they also hasn’t received the decision from Supreme Court yet. That’s why they can’t give any comment also. “We should wait for the official copy letter of the verdict and we will learn it first,” Kanta said.

Previously Telkomsel has lost in the bankruptcy lawsuit filed by their partner, PT Prima Jaya Informatika. As a result, the subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) is on under supervision of bankruptcy judges and curators. Telkomsel assets can be seized to pay all their debt.

Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
PT Prima filed a lawsuit together with PT Extent Media Indonesia which have the same goal, push Telkomsel to pay the overdue receivables. The dispute between Telkomsel and PT Prima Jaya Informatika started since Telkomsel stopped supplying Kartu Prima prepaid SIM card since June 2012. PT Prima Jaya Informatika as a partner filed Telkomsel bankruptcy lawsuit to the court because Telkomsel have overdue receivables for providing Kartu Prima.

Agreement PT Prima Jaya Informatika with Telkomsel signed at July 2011 in order to distribute Kartu Prima. Kartu prima was new SIM Card from Telkomsel with a design image of national athletes. Their agreement supposed to be applies for two years. Written in the agreement, Telkomsel appointed PT Prima Jaya as a distributor of phone credit voucher and Kartu Prima prepaid SIM Card. Telkomsel have obligation to provide phone credit voucher with sport theme design at least 120 million units. Not only that, Telkomsel also required to provide prepaid SIM card in a sport theme design as much as 10 million unit per year to be sold by PT Prima.

Unfortunately, since last June, the agreement was terminated unilaterally by Telkomsel without any notification and before it ended. (ss)

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