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Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
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Huaweis mLab Completes Mobile and Wi-Fi Service Test

17:32:58 | 05 Aug 2012
Huaweis mLab Completes Mobile and Wi-Fi Service Test
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JAKARTA (indotelko) – Huawei announced that its mLab (Mobile Broadband Research Laboratory) has successfully completed the industry’s first simultaneous GSM/UMTS/WiFi service test. The test marks a significant step forward in the development of convergent solutions for mobile and WiFi networks.

CEO Huawei Indonesia Li Wenzhi,  said: “This is a remarkable milestone for Huawei especially in today’s network convergent era as operators are seeking and deploying solutions to maintain their network quality amid the increasing high-volume data demand”.

Today’s mobile devices enable users to browse internet sites, stream HQ videos, download applications and update social networks and these have become the basic needs for consumers nowadays. As a result, telecommunication operators are now facing increasing high-volume data demand and deploying solutions such as small cell and Wi-Fi networks to tackle such condition.

The recent conducted test proved that Huawei’s solutions allow telecommunication operators to confidently deploy Wi-Fi service in their telecommunication network. In technical explanation, the mobile network will assist in identifying and selecting the best Wi-Fi signal, allowing subscribers to connect to Wi-Fi without having to input their user name and password.

This technology is already in commercial operation in Chengdu, China.

Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
“Moving forward, Huawei with its strong research and development (R&D) is ready to support the telecommunication industry convergence in Indonesia and worldwide, particularly in enabling telecommunication operators to provide mobile and Wi-Fi connection simultaneously. Huawei’s convergent mobile/WiFi solution will deliver a better quality service to end-users and satisfy operator requirements,” added Mr. Li.

Huawei first launched its convergent solution for mobile and WiFi networks in 2011 and it has now been integrated into Huawei’s AtomCell solution, the company’s comprehensive small cell solution.

This is a commitment to the development of end-user-centric small cell solutions that are strategically beneficial for global operators.(id)

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