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ZALORA has chosen new platform to democratise experimentation and promote scalability

17:19:07 | 15 Feb 2022
ZALORA has chosen new platform to democratise experimentation and promote scalability
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JAKARTA (IndoTelko) – Optimizely, the digital experience platform company, announced that ZALORA has chosen Optimizely’s Experimentation Platform to power its premium fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform, to deliver a greater and more impactful user experience across Southeast Asia.

ZALORA’s quest for better products will be made more possible with Optimizely’s Experimentation Platform, a world-class A/B testing solution that delivers rapid customer insights in real-time. The platform facilitates targeted and personalised Web A/B testing that delivers results to enable businesses to make informed product decisions.

“We want to scale and democratize experimentation, enabling our entire team to explore and trial new ideas.” said Liam Hutchinson, Group Director of Product at ZALORA. “We’re on a mission to become the Fashion & Lifestyle SuperApp for Southeast Asia, and so delivering a more customer-centric experience is critical to that strategy to which Optimizely’s platform will be a key enabler of. With Optimizely’s technology, we will be more impact-focused and empowered to make better product decisions on behalf of our customers thanks to

experimentation and clearer impact measurement. Optimizely’s experimentation platform enables our teams to sharpen their decision-making skills, generate more quantitative insights at scale, and deliver a delightful customer experience.”

The agreement between ZALORA and Optimizely, signed in December 2021, will cover most ASEAN countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Alex Atzberger, CEO at Optimizely said “We are very excited to have a hugely successful brand such as ZALORA on board as a customer. Optimizely is making huge inroads into Southeast Asia and we have dedicated teams throughout the region to offer a high level of expertise and support to all our customers there. It is great to see notable brands such as ZALORA, which is Asia’s leading fashion and lifestyle brand, wanting to work with us. This is definitely a boost to our expansion efforts in the region and a recognition of Optimizely’s exceptional Experimentation Platform that can empower businesses in the region to make informed product decisions with accurate customer analysis. We will continue to establish our footprint in Southeast Asia and support businesses with our cutting-edge solutions.” 

“Ultimately, we want to further cement our position as the region’s fashion and lifestyle e-commerce leader to deliver more relevant, dynamic and personalised shopping experiences for our customers,” added Hutchinson. We want to expand our ecosystem to provide other value-adding services with more content and engagement with new product portfolios and features. Personalisation and segmentation will continue to be our priorities with loyalty and customer retention as key focus areas. Optimizely will be a part of this exciting journey in measuring our success and helping us to drive an exceptional user journey in the region in the present and the near future.”(es)

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