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Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
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Apptio launches Cloudability Shift in Southeast Asia

13:18:55 | 22 Jun 2021
Apptio launches Cloudability Shift in Southeast Asia
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SINGAPORE (IndoTelko) - Apptio has launched their software-as-a-service solution, Cloudability Shift, in Asia.

The majority of enterprises lack full visibility into their overall financial commitments when migrating to the public cloud. This slows decision making, can lead to errors and can disrupt an organization’s effective digital transformation.

Cloudability Shift helps leaders overcome these obstacles by delivering the insights that CIOs and CFOs need to efficiently measure and compare the costs and impact of tailored migration plans. A target end state can be defined, from which Cloudability Shift can help quantify the value of the cloud option, and even track the real-time progress of migration to plan, maximizing ROI.

Migrating to the public cloud inevitably brings challenges such as cost overruns, operational disruption, and delicate timelines that can easily impede migration efforts. Yet the benefits often outweigh the risks. Being on the public cloud can help organizations to modernise disaster recovery, easily shift to digital business models, and enable employees to work remotely. And for IT departments specifically, being on the cloud can help increase agility, reduce costs, and improve value for their services. The ability to take advantage of massive investment, R&D and innovation from the tech giants has never been so accessible.

Cloudability Shift helps entities adopt a “cloud-smart” mindset by providing overarching insights to aid decision making, such as determining which workloads to prioritise for migration so that they deliver maximum benefit, at the least cost and with the least amount of effort. With informed planning, organizations can build defensible plans to connect their on-premises costs with the public cloud cost forecasts. For greater control over costs, Cloudability Shift operates in concert with Cloudability, Apptio’s market-leading cloud cost management and optimisation tool, which means that planned costs can be easily tracked against actual costs. Managers can then dynamically adjust their strategy as Cloudability Shift helps them evaluate the potential impact of changes to costs and timeline.

Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
Another benefit of the solution is the ability to test and analyse public cloud migration scenarios. Creating a migration strategy begins by understanding your total cost of ownership (TCO) for on-premises resources and forecasted cloud costs. With Cloudability Shift, organisations can model and compare a variety of workload migration scenarios, balancing on-premises commitments, business objectives, and cost impact to develop a clear and defensible migration plan.

“Most migrations rarely go to plan but with Cloudability Shift organizations can predict their exposure and manage changes to the migration strategy to meet hard business objectives, whilst minimises risk and cost overrun,” says Owen Gan Regional Vice President of Southeast Asia, Apptio. “Because the platform operates in real-time, variables can be adjusted to ensure that the impact against cost and schedule are minimised, and that all stakeholders are kept in the loop.”

Over 1,800 companies around the world trust Apptio to help them manage and optimise their IT and public cloud spend, connecting actionable insights to their technology investments to drive their business initiatives forward.(es)

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