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Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
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Tech Data simplify cloud deployments in Asia Pacific

05:08:09 | 17 Sep 2020
Tech Data simplify cloud deployments in Asia Pacific
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SINGAPORE (IndoTelko) – Tech Data announced it has launched Click-to-Run solutions widely available across Asia Pacific, enabling channel partners to quickly meet regional market demands for complex cloud solutions.

Tech Data’s multi-vendor Click-to-Run solutions simplify complex solutions for partners to configure, customize and deploy, reducing time and risk for customers.

More than 20 pre-configured Click-to-Run solutions are currently available across multiple practice areas, such as core infrastructure, application innovation, data protection, the Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics, and more will continue to be added.

Businesses across the region are undertaking digital transformation initiatives to tackle new workloads through the modernizing of their existing infrastructures and the adoption of cloud. According to IDC business agility, or the need for speed from IT, is the most important trigger factor for considering cloud services – as opposed to cost and access to new functionality in this region.  

“The need for speed and agility are the key influencing factors for enterprise cloud adoption,” said Naresh Desai, vice president, specialist business unit, Asia Pacific, Tech Data. “Tech Data is excited to make available these Click-to-Run solutions in Asia Pacific, as we enable our channel partners to avoid complex and lengthy deployment processes, maximize productivity, and provide a distinct competitive edge.”

Ananth Selladoray, head of data, AI and security at cloud-based platform provider Urbanise, Australia, said, “Urbanise is a 100 percent cloud-based organization, which means security is paramount for customers and other stakeholders. We were particularly interested in implementing the Tech Data Secure Score Click-to-Run solution, as it configures the basic security policies in a few clicks. The recent updated versions, which gives policy options, are helpful for us to classify the standard and enterprise features. For partners, it helped us to talk more on enterprise securities, which results in business for us.”

Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
Deepika Nahar, managing director of Wroffy Technologies System Integrators, India, said, “The Secure Score Click-to-Run solution has helped one of our customers to configure the security baseline policies quickly without any hassle. Since it just took a few minutes for our customer to configure the set of policies for all the users and without cost, they were really happy. As a result of this successful deployment we were also able to discuss additional services.”

Click-to-Run solutions are part of Tech Data’s Cloud Solutions Factory which includes a broad set of IT and business solutions practices. Click-to-Run solutions leverage Tech Data’s leading cloud providers, including Microsoft Cloud and Amazon Web Services, and its vast ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs), and aggregate additional solutions, components and licensing. Click-to-Run solutions help scale partners’ businesses seamlessly to support their customers’ rapidly growing cloud needs, create recurring revenue opportunities, streamline services with provisioning, management, support tools and deliver business outcomes for customers, enabling valuable long-term relationships.

Tech Data recently announced the addition of a new Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure Click-to-Run solution – a move in line with the growing desktop-as-a-service market that Gartner expects will become a nearly $3 billion business in 2021. The Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure Click-to-Run solution is available in APAC.(es)

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