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WeTV expand to Indonesia

08:50:00 | 22 Nov 2019
WeTV expand to Indonesia
JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - Provider of premium video-on-demand services for the best and original Mandarin series with Indonesian subtitles, WeTV, is coming to Indonesia.

The application is owned by the giant technology company, Tencent Holdings Ltd., already has hundreds of thousands ofsubscribers in Asia. As far as today, WeTV already has 7 market outside China.

Apart from being the 4th most populous country in the world, the people's love for Mandarin dramas began in the 90’s, when there were many classic Mandarin silat series such as Kera Sakti; Princess Huan Zhu; Demon White Snake; Hakim Bao and the legendary drama series PendekarRajawali and Meteor Garden were aired on National TV. Until now, the number of loyal fans continues to exist.

With this, Indonesia is expected to become a market that contributes significantly to the number of WeTV subscribers and make it an over-the-top (OTT) services offering Chinese drama, as a leader in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, WeTV presents various categories of Mandarin dramas with content that is booming in Mainland China such as: 'My Girlfriend is an Alien', 'About is Love', 'Put your Head On my Shoulder','A Little Thing Called First Love', 'My Robot Boyfriend' and many other popular series. All content is currently equipped with Indonesian subtitles and Full HD display. This makes WeTV the preferred place for watching original, popular and fun Mandarin dramas!

Besides being able to be enjoywatching on your computer, WeTV can also be downloaded on a mobile application, both available on the Android and iOS platforms. To join, there are two subscriptions offered by WeTV, namely for VIP and Regular (free) members. 

The difference between VIP and Regular members is on the show schedule, where VIP members can watch more episodes earlier than regular members. Also, VIP members can have an access to the exclusive content on WeTV. 

When compared to other OTT platforms, the cost to become a VIP member is apparently much cheaper, starts from 15 thousand per month which is a limited time offer. For iOS users, the payment system will automatically be transferred to the App Store, while Android users can make payments through Google Play or credit card.

In line with its presence in Indonesia, this November, WeTV will spoil its fans by bringing in the famous drama stars Hsu Thassapak (Xu Zhixian) or better known as Bie and Wan Peng, from the WeTV drama series "My Girlfriend is an Alien" on November 30, 2019, to come at CGV Cinemas Grand Indonesia.

Until now, the charm of Mandarin dramas has never faded and is still in demand by Asian drama lovers in Indonesia, especially romantic genre dramas, that besides presenting interesting love stories, also feature handsome and beautiful actors and actresses. And it is quite possible the presence of WeTV will restore the popularity of the Mandarin drama series in Indonesia!(es)

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