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TokenWiz officially launched in Indonesia

10:27:00 | 24 Okt 2018
TokenWiz officially launched in Indonesia
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JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - The smart assistant, TokenWiz is officially launched in Indonesia.

TokenWiz, which supports in Indonesian and English, is available now in Google Play Store and soon will be launched on Apple App Store. Earlier, TokenWiz has partnered up with INDODAX, which is Indonesia's largest exchange, and a blockchain media platform called Blockchain No.1 to serve investors of cryptocurrency together.

"Indonesia has a relatively open and free environment for finance, currency and banking in Southeast Asia, and is a fertile ground for developing blockchain technology and digital currencies," said LongMan, CEO of TokenWiz.

However, the functions of digital currency software in Indonesia and abroad are very basic. Without obvious innovation, it is difficult to meet the requirements of investors for tool software. Therefore, the launch of TokenWiz is beneficial to serve Indonesian investors in Digital currency With AI technology.

Paket Semangat Kemerdekaan
Compared with other software, the prominent advantage of TokenWiz is data analysis, to provide users the prices of cryptocurrency and newsletter. TokenWiz incorporate the vast advantages of AI technology to rank and analyze cryptocurrency, and also to provide investment strategies as smart assistant by the collections of multi-dimensional information.

TokenWiz's vision is to develop AI technology to improve investment in blockchain. LongMan said: "AI technology is growing rapidly. Through structured data mining and unstructured semantic understanding, AI has the ability to become smart investment assistants and help investors to identify complex information."

In the near future, TokenWiz will continue to expand the international market, strive to become a global influential digital currency investment portal, and to achieve the AI-driven digital asset investment ecology goals.(es)

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