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Bitcoin Not Banned in Indonesia?

02:47:21 | 07 Feb 2014
Bitcoin Not Banned in Indonesia?
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Jakarta (Indotelko)  - Central Bank of Indonesia has finally issued a statement regarding the status of Bitcoin and other virtual currency.

Bank of Indonesia stated that Bitcoin or other virtual currency can not be constituted as legal currency or can't be used as legal payment instrument in Indonesia.

"The society are encouraged to be careful toward Bitcoin and other virtual currency. All risks related to the ownership or the use of Bitcoin should be borne by the owner/user of Bitcoin and other virtual currency," as said by Director Communication of Central Bank of Indonesia, Peter Jacobs through their press release which published in Bank of Indonesia official website, Thursday (6/2/2014).

This decision came nearly 2 weeks after the representatives from local bitcoin business community have participated in informal discussions with regulators to clarify the boundaries of their operating environment.

In response to this issue, local Bitcoin Representative, Oscar Darmawan appreciate the decision made by Bank of Indonesia which wisely enough not to ban Bitcoin.

"We are really glad for that stance. It seems Indonesia Central Bank's final stance will be in neutral position and will not prohibit Bitcoin in Indonesia. Automatically, Bitcoin in Indonesia will be as e-commodity not as an e-currency. The used of Bitcoin in e-commerce merely as a transfer medium in Rupiah or meant as barter medium," Oscar Darmawan told Indotelko via email shortly after the statement revealed.

Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
Oscar added that he plans to introduce the country's first bitcoin ATM as a vending machine, the same way as others country did, immediately.

"It means very clear that Bitcoin is not banned in Indonesia and the future of Bitcoin here will always grow and have a bright future. Bitcoin as e-commodity will reveal their first Bitcoin Kiosk (Bitcoin ATM), the same way like we did in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Canada," Oscar said.

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