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Telkomsel Propose 3G License at 1800 MHz Spectrum

20:03:43 | 08 Okt 2012
Telkomsel Propose 3G License at 1800 MHz Spectrum
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JAKARTA (Indotelko) – Incumbent operators, Telkomsel reported has filed a proposal to have a license of neutral technology at 1800 MHz frequency which has been used for 2G.

“Telkomsel apply permission to use 1800 MHz frequency for 3G,” Director General Resources and Tool of Posts and Information M. Budi Setiawan said last week.

He said applications for neutral technology in range of 900 MHz – 1800 MHz frequency is based on request by operator. “If there is a request then we will processed. It is the same thing with what Indosat asked to apply network at 900 MHz,” he said.

He explained the government also plans to re-allocate 900-1800 MHz frequency as operator has no uneven ownership. “Principally, not all operators get an equal size. We can consider all operators to have same amount of frequency. There are some who not yet have 900 MHz, it can be considered,” he said.

Based on data, in 900 MHz spectrum, Indosat has 10 MHz, Telkomsel 7.5 MHz, XL Axiata 7.5 MHz. Meanwhile at 1800 MHz Telkomsel has 22.5 MHz, Indosat with 20 MHz, XL Axiata 7.5 MHz, Axis with 15 MHz and Hutchison CP Telecom with 10 MHz. In 2.1 GHz all operators has the same size of spectrum. Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Axis, and Hutchison own 10 MHz each.

Previously, Head of Regulatory Development and Compliance Division of Telkomsel, Daniswara Pandina said Telkomsel will jump directly from 2G to 4G because they have a wide range of frequencies at 1800 MHz.

“At 1800 MHz we have 22.5 MHz which can be used for LTE technology. We can study it first. As long as the arrangement completed, so we can prepare,” he said.

Meanwhile, researchers at Indonesia ICT Institute, Heru Sutadi assess government policies in giving permission to upgrade technology at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz can be fatal because it was never consulted with public test.

“Upgrade from 2G to 4G LTE in 1800 MHz or 3G in 900 MHz should begin with spectrum rebalancing. Problem about refarming should be followed by government concept which can be used for further ahead, involving stakeholders before taking policies. As a referee, they should be fair to all the players,” Heru said. (ss/id)

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