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Telkom Marketing 2
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Ribbon expands SBC solutions portfolio
English Ver. - 10:25:39 | 14 Dec 2018

Ribbon virtualized network functions are ideal for seamlessly transitioning to public cloud architectures
Intel accelerates timing for modem 5G
English Ver. - 07:23:08 | 14 Nov 2018

The Intel XMM 8160 5G modem is expected to ship in the second half of 2019.
Industry in southern Asia-Pacific is gearing up for the launch of 5G in 2020
English Ver. - 10:58:00 | 12 Nov 2018

MIT Technology Review Insights finds that digital transformation in Asia Pacific is already heavily underway
LINE Ventures and Alibaba invest at KKday
English Ver. - 12:04:00 | 10 Nov 2018

LINE Ventures and Alibaba led series B+ Financing Round for KKday
Alibaba will help import $200 billion worth of goods
English Ver. - 08:50:05 | 07 Nov 2018

Globalization is one of Alibaba's most critical long-term growth strategies
Optus Loop Live adopted Kandy platform
English Ver. - 10:35:00 | 31 Okt 2018

Kandy platform is the foundation for Optus Loop Live
GoBear and CredoLab partnership to served SEA markets
English Ver. - 09:47:22 | 31 Okt 2018

GoBear and CredoLab announced the launch of Easy Apply
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Fujitsu and Ericsson collaborate on 5G
English Ver. - 11:07:12 | 28 Okt 2018

Fujitsu and Ericsson have entered an agreement to deliver end-to-end 5G network solutions
Ribbon and Hong Kong Broadband Networks developing
English Ver. - 12:31:44 | 27 Okt 2018

Global Talk a custom application within that enables callers to enjoy high-speed global data connectivity
Sophos expands partnership with Tech Data in ASEAN
English Ver. - 13:21:06 | 25 Okt 2018

Sophos announced its strategic channel partnership with Tech Data
Global fixed broadband subscribers exceed one billion
English Ver. - 11:21:35 | 24 Okt 2018

Broadband World Forum state there are now more than one billion fixed broadband subscribers worldwide
TokenWiz officially launched in Indonesia
English Ver. - 10:27:00 | 24 Okt 2018

TokenWiz's vision is to develop AI technology to improve investment in blockchain
Bookmyshow launched feature for karaoke booking services
English Ver. - 10:43:06 | 20 Okt 2018

BookMyShowintroduces its latest feature "Karaoke Booking"
Ribbon awarded
English Ver. - 11:19:38 | 15 Okt 2018

Business Intelligence Group's awarded Ribbon company of the year
Arianespace to launch KOMPSAT-7
English Ver. - 09:02:00 | 21 Sep 2018

Arianespace has been selected by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute to launch KOMPSAT-7
AppsFlyer partners with Weibo for digital advertising monitoring
English Ver. - 10:46:56 | 11 Sep 2018

Weibo has collaborated with AppsFlyer to create a social marketing value measurement system
AnyMind Group launches in the Philippines
English Ver. - 09:14:04 | 09 Sep 2018

AnyMind Group announced its expansion into the Philippines
WeChat offers a lot of opportunities from the Chinese tourists
English Ver. - 08:48:47 | 07 Sep 2018

Chinese tourists traveled all over the world 131 million times last year
Ribbon Protect Wins Stratus Award
English Ver. - 09:31:22 | 02 Sep 2018

Ribbon Protect is a cloud-based solution that empowers service providers and enterprises to respond to real-time communications
5G phone royalty payments to generate US$20 billion in 2025
English Ver. - 11:08:49 | 31 Aug 2018

Ericsson, Nokia and Qualcomm will take the lion's share of royalties on 5G phone
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