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Inaya, convenience of worship apps for Indonesian muslims

06:30:00 | 28 Jun 2022
Inaya, convenience of worship apps for Indonesian muslims
JAKARTA (IndoTelko)  -- PT Mahaka Media Tbk (IDX: ABBA) and PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk (IDX: MCAS) launch Inaya, an innovative platform for Muslims. Inaya presents a convenient mobile application to support the daily worship needs of Muslims in Indonesia.

The launch of Inaya allows users to enjoy various features that support daily worship. The features include prayer schedules based on users’ location, equipped with adzan feature for reminders, a Qibla direction feature that will help when users travel, a collection of prayers that can be practiced when carrying out daily activities, digital Al-Quran with translation, as well as Islamic studies. 

Inaya also contains various digital services ranging from mobile top-up, data packages, electricity, PDAM, electronic money, and travel services accessible for users across Indonesia.

Moreover, the support of MCAS as a digital enabler with a leading technology network makes Inaya a Muslim platform with unique features. Inaya was developed by prioritizing digital innovation, different travel and umrah platform with various additional features that are needed by Muslims in the future.

Martin Suharlie, President Director of MCAS, said, “We are proud to launch Inaya as an innovative platform for Muslims in Indonesia. MCAS, a technology company focusing on massively developing digital infrastructures, will continue to provide full support to synergize our strong digital infrastructure and complete digital ecosystem into Inaya to provide ease and benefits for all Muslims in Indonesia.”

Tubagus Farash, President Director of ABBA, added, "We enthusiastically welcome the launch of Inaya as an innovative platform that provides convenient services for Muslims to carry out worship. The platform, created by ABBA and MCAS, is in line with our commitment to provide added value for Muslims, who are also the readers of Republika Daily. We hope that Inaya can enhance the quantity and quality of society in carrying out worship and daily activities.”

Inaya, which is available on Play Store, has the potential to reach more than 200 million Muslims in Indonesia.

The future development of Inaya will allow users to experience flexibility in arranging Umrah travel schedules, with convenient personalization and the best prices. It is expected to be used by at least 1.9 million Indonesian Umrah pilgrims, who occupy the second position as the most significant contributor of Umrah pilgrims in the world. (sar)

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