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Wiretap Issue, Telkomsel Asked for ITU Involvement

12:54:51 | 25 Feb 2014
Wiretap Issue, Telkomsel Asked for ITU Involvement
JAKARTA (Indotelko)  - Related to wiretapping issue carried by Australia Intelligence agencies, Telkomsel propose to the government to bring the issue to International Telecommunications Union (ITU) as gobal telecommunication body under United Nations (UN). The idea is to discuss the wiretapping issue with ITU in order to get recommendations accordingly.

"We have submitted our written formal report and idea to the government through Ministry of Communication related to wiretapping issue. The report explains about Telkomsel's position and also describes about our security systems that have been implemented so far,"said official statement from Telkomsel.

As described in the official report to Ministry of Communication, as Indonesia's largest cellular operator which always provide good services to the community, Telkomsel always comply with every existing regulations and laws in Indonesia and always give priority to consumer protection.

Related to wiretapping issue, Telkomsel said, they always refer to the rules and regulations such as Corruption Eradication Commission Law, Intelligence Law, Drugs Law, Terorism Law, and etc, which regulating about procedures of communication interception to help the law. Also based on the law no. 36 year 1999 about telecommunication, and government regulation no.52 year 2000 about telecommunication providers, which regulates about interception procedures which can be implemented by telecommunication service providers.

Based on the above regulations, Telkomsel can only incorporated with 4 law enforcement authorities and Indonesia's Intelligence Agency, to assist them and provide data by intercepting one's communication if that's necessary.

While in terms of network security, Telkomsel has done everything based on regulations, such as implementing GSM Security Standard on Telkomsel's network security system (issued by 3GPP/ETSI and ITU), as well as technical provisions set out in the 2000 FTP (Fundamental Technical Plan).

Internally, Telkomsel also decided to set an information security management policy which contains standardization and procedures regarding telecommunication security, has been implemented by Telkomsel for the purpose of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and information availability.

Last point is network operational system, charging and billing, e-payment, customer care, service desk, and infrastructure management system, physically and systemic, Telkomsel has met the standard of ISO 27001 : 2005 which is audited annually and certified by international independent  certifications body (Bureau Veritas Certification).

Previously reported, Australia Signal Directorate has intercepting and encrypting 1,8 millions Indonesia cellular subscribers, both Telkomsel and Indosat. Indonesia Communication and Information Minister, Tifatul Sembiring has threatened to closed the Indonesia cellular companies, if commited allowing US and Australia intelligence agencies to intercept Indonesia's cellular users.

Meanwhile, former President Director of Telkomsel, Sarwoto Atmosutarno suggested government to do network forensic audit to prove no operator intense to help the wiretapping. (ss/id)

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