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Alcatel Come Back to Indonesia

09:52:00 | 15 Mar 2014
 Alcatel Come Back to Indonesia
Alcatel Ceremony (Dok)
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JAKARTA (IndoTelko) – Mobile phone manufacturer from France, Alcatel, comes back in Indonesia with the name of Alcatel OneTouch.   

Alcatel  has launched their first product in 1993. In 1997, Alcatel released Onetouch Easy  to users around the world. 

Alcatel EVP & GM for Asia Pacific Albert Wong stated, “We reintroduced OnetTouch in 2011, making it an integrated part of our brand and identity with the name Alcatel OneTouch. With technology and various facilities in one touch, strong and attractive design, and also affordable price, we believe our product will be able to meet smartphone users in Indonesia”.

Alcatel  present two variant of Alcatel OneTouch Idol, they are OneTouch Idol X and OneTouch Idol Mini.
Alcatel  OneTouch  Idol series are for those who have taste and unique style and dare to express themselves.

Ngebut Internetnya Banyak Bonusnya
OneTouch   Idol promotes diversity in features, latest technology as well as diverse selection of strong colors. 
Idol X variant uses 5 inch Full HD IPS display, to the incredibly slim body with just 6.9 mm thick and powered by Quad Core 1.5 GHz Processor running Android 4.2 operating system. Lightweight and widescreen makes this smartphone users can enjoy high quality images presented by 13.1 Megapixel camera. 

Idol Mini is presented to those who want communication comfort in the hand. As the latest edition to the Idol series, this smartphone is designed with a size that fits right in your hand and also provide provide first class performance and instant access to email, social networks, music and games wherever you are. 

At a mere 7.9 mm thickness, available in range of colors with premium brushed metallic finish,  Idol Mini uses 4.3” IPS Display, powered by a dual core 1.3 GHz processor running Android 4.2 operating system.  
“Alcatel  OneTouch  Idol X and Idol mini that are launched today, we hope to give Indonesian people more appropriate choice that meet their smartphone need that are really smart with the latest technology, attractive design at reasonable price, that match their characters and personality ,” said Albert.(es)

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