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Bookmyshow launched feature for karaoke booking services

10:43:06 | 20 Okt 2018
Bookmyshow launched feature for karaoke booking services
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JAKARTA (IndoTelko) - Listening to music and singing is a routine that cannot be separated from our daily life. To accommodate everyone’s need for singing, BookMyShow today introduces its latest feature, "Karaoke Booking" with the name BookMyShow Karaoke.

With BookMyShow’s Karaoke booking service, customer can now reserve karaoke rooms, choose their location and time easily, also order food and all this  without the need to call for reservation, queue or even put on the waiting list. In addition, customer can also use BookMyShow service with various attractive promos every day.

On the launch of this service, COO of BookMyShow Indonesia Karan Khetan said “With over 1000 outlets across Indonesia, Karaoke is spread deep and wide across the Nusantara, and it has become an integral part of most Indonesian people’s entertainment needs. At BookMyShow, we hope to help karaoke owners and consumers through technology solutions that helps grow this market. Over the past 6 months we have been spent time to understand this space, work on providing effective solutions and are confident that it will be an exciting addition to BookMyShow’s “entertainment universe” for Indonesia".

BookMyShow already works with leading chains such as Inul Vizta, NAV, The Voice and with more karaoke places to come, BookMyShow will bring more than 500 outlets of Karaoke all over Indonesia online. In addition, we continue to deliver new features for online karaoke booking that makes it easier for consumers to book their favorite karaoke experiences.

Customer can use this new feature easily on BookMyShow Indonesia website or using the application which available on App Store and Google Play.(es)

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